Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Boat Show Announcement


 So What's That.....and What's It Got To Do With Boats?????
Afinia 3D Printer H-Series This friends, is a small, simple example of a "3 D printer. You can find a link to it in our TOOL SHOP at the bottom of our BOAT BUILDING SECTION which also contains boat modeling information and an on line shop for both boat and model building tools. If you are a serious model builder this little gem, once properly hooked into your computer, properly loaded with the right app can produce all sort s of model parts, figurines, or even small whole models in plastic. You heard us right, it just builds up a complete whatever in three dimensions as solid as the the plastic its fashioned out of, as easily as you might make a photo copy. Seems sort of familiar? Remember the Star Trek "REPLICATOR". This is a primitive, inexpensive version. You can buy more elaborate, larger, and more complicated devices even out of our on line shop. There are large industrial models that can fabricate in steel. This is the coming revolution in manufacturing that is going to make the traditional factory obsolete and damage the hell out of China's economy. We will only gain since we have few manufacturing jobs to lose, having exported them all to China years ago.

 So what does this have to do with the upcoming AAB on line boat show this weekend? One of the first photos you will encounter once you are a bit into the entrance is a photo of the first 3D printed (or "replicated") boat underway. We're going to kill some of the suspense here and tell you it can carry only one person and is a very simple design. But we would like your comments at the end of the scroll carrying the show, on when you think boat shows will be filled with canoes and kayaks and small "Sunfish" like sailboats that are 3D printed. Remember when it happens you saw your first one at the American Admiralty Books On Line Boat Show. From mega yachts to kayaks we take you to the cutting edge. We believe the day is just around the corner when much larger vessels will be 3 D printed in sections then assembled and fitted out greatly reducing the cost of many types of vessels under 65 feet. 

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