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5/8/2013 Bundling:   Revised & Links updated 12/3/2015




  Yesterday we received a nice compliment on our "special interest page" or "section" MARINE ENGINEERING. The writer identified with Naval Architecture. Naval Architecture is also a subject that we discuss and provide links, videos and book suggestions on within the special interest page, or more simply "section" that we label MARINE ENGINEERING in the list of interest sections to your right as you read this. But as we mention in both MARINE ENGINEERING  and BOAT BUILDING, the professions of Naval architect and Boat or Ship wright only separated a little over a century ago. MARINE ENGINEERING , to borrow an IT marketing term "bundles" with BOAT BUILDING. For some research you may need to visit both sections. But alphabetically they are widely spaced in the sections list to your right. A click on any of those sections brings you to a virtual separate blog on the subject listed and often related subjects. However some nautical and maritime subjects are so related, sometimes not obviously to those new to the subject, that they can not be contained under a single heading. Based on alphabetical listing and certain editorial constraints of our present format some such matches are sequential on the section list or special interest pages on your right, and some are widely spaced. 

 Some times we are able to list them sequentially because they are close alphabetically. But the technical constraints of the blog format ,and sheer amount of room available often requires some degree of separation that fails to make the inter-relatedness of certain special interest pages not obvious. For example ADMIRALTY LAW is immediately followed by AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE. Together the two "pages" form a virtual law library for the legal researcher. Where codes, standards, and regulations are involved "AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE is a term familiar to trained legal researchers and would seem a natural extension to legal professionals using the site. But visitors to MERCHANT MARINE INTEREST or MARINE ENGINEERING might be looking for the particular Federal regulations for a particular engineering application. The link to a searchable version of the Code of Federal Regulations is in the AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE section. 

 DIVING and TECHNICAL DIVING are obviously related and appear one behind the other on the list of sections to your right as you read this. On the other hand the relationship between NAVAL INTEREST and MARITIME LITERATURE is not so obvious. Clearly MARITIME LITERATURE is the place to go to if you are looking for a copy of, or Kindle down load of BILLY BUD or MOBY DICK.  But the NAVAL INTEREST SECTION is as likely to have links to THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER as is MARITIME LITERATURE. Before it was a best seller and a hit movie, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER was the U.S. Naval Institute's first experiment with publishing naval fiction and they were taking a chance on a then unknown Tom Clancy. If we had been in business back when the book first came out we'd have been sure to feature it in our NAVAL INTEREST SECTION because we try to give the Naval Institute of which many of our staff  are members, as much exposure as possible. But we couldn't have known in the first weeks of the books release that we were dealing with a blockbuster and a future classic of the Cold War era. The NAVAL INTEREST section isn't just for naval professionals. It is full of releases of non fiction adventure stories and histories that anyone who likes Herman Melville would enjoy. 

 The OCEANOGRAPHY section may augment information that professional navigators may first turn up in our NAVIGATION section. I don't think it is possible for us to name all of the possible "bundles: for our sections Just keep in mind that few maritime subjects are completely covered in a single section. We are constantly adding information and features to our special interest pages and working on our organization and indexing but the subject we are trying to cover is so broad that we are already struggling with the limitations of the blog grid. But until we start earning sufficient revenue Namazu will never see his cube farm of research assistants, and we won't be able to hire the professional geeks and applications to take us from blog to mega website complete with easy to use internal search engines. So please click in often, encourage others to visit us, favor our advertisers if you can, and if you are considering making an Amazon purchase please enter through our portal either in the appropriate special interest page or the specialty on line shops in DIVING, SURFING, FISHING, BOAT BUILDING, and SURFING. Thank you!

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