Monday, May 27, 2013

5/27/2013 Oceanography


             We Bring You This Link In The Hope of making Three Points. (1) Coral Reef Restoration Methods Are Evolving  (2) And Those Already In Use Do Work. (3) The Present Methodologies Are Diver Labor Intensive.

Photo: 1/2 growth data experiment set up: orange ropes have cervicornis with Clade D1 and blue ropes have cervicornis with Clade A3. who will grow fastest?? (to be replicated at whipray nursery=2nd half). these are at LBCNP
Photo Capture from the linked site: "Fragments of Hope"

Early in the predawn hours of this morning the Coral Bot KickStarter Project failed to meet its fund raising goal and the effort entered the dust bin of Internet history. In the KickStarter Program projects that do not receive pledges of support equaling 100% of the stated funding goal receive no funds. The "Coral Bot" once into production will replace the divers you see in the above photo doing simple hand labor with a swarm of small diving robots that don't have to come up for air, worry about decompression, or fatigue and can complete the same tasks in a fraction of the time of human divers. Click on one of the links provided to view a FaceBook page titled "FRAGMENTS OF HOPE" about coral reef restoration efforts and experiments in Belize run by Lisa Carne who is also listed as member of the "Wider CoralBot Team". There is some wonderful underwater photography on the site. More over the site demonstrates far better than our reassuring words that Coral reef restoration does work, so anything that improves it is worth supporting. So when we asked you to "back the bot" we were operating from solid proven precepts that coral restoration can be done. We also know that swarm robotics can be done. What is needed is money. Corporations are not interested in coral reefs unless they want to drill through one. If people want coral reefs, people that's you and me, have to support them with lots and lots of small people sized donations. The CoralBot KickStarter project may be over but the bot lives! There are still ways that you can donate. We'll be telling you more about the "Bot's progress" and donation/participation opportunities as time goes by. There will be Bot updates in our daily station Identification and notice boards, blog postings with links like this one and regular features in our Oceanography and Diving pages. SO KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BOT RIGHT HERE AND KEEP YOUR WALLET HAND FREE FOR A QUICK DRAW WHEN WE POST THE INFORMATION ON HOW TO FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THE BOT!

 A possible CoralBot      THE "BOT"   BACK IT!                                                           

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