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"MAKE IT QUICK" The Dragon view is that war in a confined space must be fast the islands are very small and the waters between confined.

EDITOR's Note: We first linked our readers to this article back in February 2013. Despite the recent interpretations by some analyst that China may be signaling some "flexibility" on the various island disputes, the war plan discussed here is still being perfected in the People's Liberation Army's Navy (PLAN) admiralty offices. Timing may change, the Dragon still plans to swallow other people's islands. We thought it would be timely to revisit this plan now.


"The battle to take over the Diaoyu Islands would not be a conventional operation. For either party involved in the war, it would be very difficult to employ their full military capabilities, because there would be no time for them to fully unfold in the fight. The real fight would be very short. It is very possible the war would end in a couple of days or even in a few hours,” said PLA Navy Rear Admiral Yin Zhou, a former director of the Navy Institute of Strategic Studies, in a recent prime time special on Beijing TV.
Japan and China have been squabbling over a group of tiny, uninhabited islands that the former calls Senkaku, and the latter, Diaoyu.
“The keys to winning the war are quick actions, and good planning,” says Zhou, a frequent commentator on military issues.  “First, the troops that go into the battle must be well-trained, elite troops. Second, the troops must have precision strike capabilities. Once surface targets or air targets are chosen, the troops must be able to hit those targets immediately and precisely. Good planning also refers to accurately grasping the enemy’s situation, especially its operational (troop and ship) dispositions. We have to be very clear which disposition is the key and then plan our operations accordingly.”
Read more: http://nation.time.com/2013/02/20/chinese-view-of-islands-conflict-make-it-quick/#ixzz2LV9x7zb0

Editor's Note: Our view is that while the space being fought over is small, both China and Japan are very near the contested zone, both can provide logistics only limited by the fierceness of the fighting. The death toll will be heavy on both sides. Neither side will be able ultimately to limit combat operations to the targeted island area. The world will come to the aid of Japan if China invades any main island. Japan has no desire to invade China but Japan and her allies will hit mainland Chinese targets to cripple China's invasion forces and break the Chinese will. Every nation that comes to the aid of Japan will probably have some financial debt owed to China. No one expects nations to fund nations that they are in armed contests with. China's financial back will be broken with the opening shots against Japan,as America and her allies suspend or cancel debt payments to China.

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