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People's Liberation Army Navy Jack and Ensign The Chinese Naval Flag now on view everywhere

 According to Chinese Ministry of National Defense spokesman Geng Yansheng exercises by the Peoples Liberation Army's Navy (PLAN, the Chinese Navy) in the "Western Pacific" (read in and around waters under varying levels of Japanese jurisdiction) are increasing and will be a permanent feature of PLAN training plans. En-route to such training the Dragon's war ships brazenly but legally pass through straits held by Japan. Dragon submarines have traveled submerged through Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone, a provocative but legal act and are suspected to have violated Japan's contiguous zone (special customs enforcement area) an extremely provocative but legal act, and her territorial seas a grossly illegal act. PLAN aircraft routinely enter Japan's air defense zones ( legal with notice), and have been chased out of territorial air space in the extreme south (a grossly illegal operation in terms of international law). In an official 2008 white paper China declared its intention of pushing beyond "the first island chain". The Dragon's claim to what it calls its "first Island Chain" includes islands long under Japanese control , and islands just a stone's throw off the beach of the Philippines and long recognized as territory of the Philippines. In an unofficial journal article the PLAN has telegraphed its intention to drive the United States Navy back to Pearl Harbor and keep it there. The Dragon refers to the islands of Japan and the Philippines as the "Second Island Chain", China has avoided so far claiming ownership but maintains that "control" must be pushed out beyond the "Second Island Chain" once the "First" is secured. By "secured" the Dragon definitely means ownership.

 The Japanese defense ministry, we think correctly, interprets these latest maneuvers and policy announcements by the Dragon as a direct counter move to the naval power of the United States, Japan's key ally. Our "Pivot" to the Pacific putting 60% of our ever shrinking Navy in the Pacific is clearly a counter weight to growing Chinese naval power and aggression. Their response as should be expected by a thug state is more aggression. After all U.S. economic power is seen as sinking under a sea of government red ink, the government is viewed as ineffective at best, so how long can our military maintain its sting? The Dragon is betting that it can push a United States viewed as a tried old empire in severe and accelerating decline "back to Pearl Harbor". Once that is done Japan and the Philippines may either join the Chinese dominated "co-prosperity sphere" or be invaded and conquered eventually after a period of further weakening.

Chinese Coast Guard Aircraft Over Japanese Territory Photo By Japanese Coast Guard

 From January through May of 2013 Dragon guided missile ships routinely entered waters between Okinawa island and Miyakojima Island. The maneuver was legal and the intention clear. In recent months the Chinese have perfected underway replenishment and they have missile cruisers. The effect of these two facts combined is that China has announced its capability to indefinitely maintain the Japanese mainland in range of Chinese missile batteries whenever China feels the need to make the point. Their point being of course is that "we can annihilate you at will, drop the U.S. alliance." Now if you are regular reader and caught some of the articles on Russia's presence in our own near by waters an interesting fact should be emerging. Russia is gearing up to put the U.S. in constant naval tactical missile range while China is doing the same to Japan. These are not ICBM bases and tactical missiles may or may not be nuclear armed. Keeping warships in international waters or in the ports of friendly foreign powers no matter their weapons range is legal under all recognized international law. The United states and Japan are being subjected to classic Sun Tzu maneuver. At some future point we will realize we are boxed in and have to agree to Chinese/Russian terms on a host of issues putting our economy in service to their economies and all but eliminating our military forces.

 Its not just Chinese warships and military aircraft harrying Japan, the new Chinese "Coast Guard" is in the forefront of the campaign to bully Japan out of possession of her southern most islands .                                                                             .

U.S. Coast Guard Photo of Chinese MSA (Coast Guard) Ship

This is we believe the first ever use of such lightly armed coast guard forces for such an aggressive role. The Chinese Coast Guard is also a frequent violator of Philippine waters. In the few weeks of its existence it has shown itself to be anything but  a guardian of the peace. Chinese intrusions and near intrusions into Japanese waters and air space have increased roughly seven fold since 2008 by some official estimates. The pressure is on Japan and on the United States. So far we are playing right into the hands of the enemy. Why don't we try electing a real naval veteran president next time out and lets start replacing Congress with some naval vets and other intelligent people not sold out to special interests groups. Then let's demand a logical national maritime policy before we find ourselves locked on our continent having to ask "may I" to go anywhere else.




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