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Editor's note: We have experienced a mainland hit by hurricane since this post was written, and of course the long pause between hurricane strike son the mainland of the U.S. was never expected to be permanent. The other facts presented by the Great Catfish here continue today, as we prepare to experience another colder than average winter for 2014/15, a trend the Great Catfish predicts will continue into about 2020. 

GREETINGS BIPEDS! As Dean of the AAB's "Namazu School of Climatology" I haven't addressed you in a while. As you know I'm 3,000 years old which by biped standards is really old, but by geophysical standards is about 7,000 years short of actually making me an eye witness to the end the last Ice Age. I've said it before weather runs in cycles, climates change, it's what they do. Climates can change drastically and globally as in that ice age that I missed. They can also change regionally as in desert climates expanding, contracting, or moderating to semi arid. Average temperature zones can shift by a hundred miles or more on an annual basis. I've also noted that climate can change globally and drastically without any assistance from man from any combination of orbital irregularity, planetary axis wobble , sun spots, meteor hits, extensive volcanism, etc..  

 The difference between the NAMAZU SCHOOL and the big government, big science, and international climate change lobby is that we aren't interested in debating the present hysteria over possible human caused impending climate change. We think the world should be shifting to less climate reliant forms of food production (like green house and green house/hydroponic, with more production within urban areas reducing supply lines), and more flexible building codes that anticipate and provide for maximum protection of urban population centers in the inevitable event of massive sudden onset vast climate change. We view that type of climate change as improbable on any given day, but inevitable over time, and completely unpredictable in terms of time. 

 None the less the consequences of being hit with that level of climate change is predictable if we continue to pursue food production and distribution, urban planning, coastal zone planning, and building codes as if climates never change. The economic ruin of the United States and Western Europe and Japan without any net improvement in human "carbon foot print" is also inevitable if we continue to pursue adjustments such as the Kyoto accords. If the West and Japan continues to reduce emissions by shifting industrial production to China, India, and Brazil who all believe they are due "carbon credits" because they were not early contributors of "excess" carbon production we end up with the Western societies joining the underdeveloped nations in poverty, the non western nations falling deeper in poverty ( with the West broken who buys their new production?) and just as much "carbon footprint" or "green house gases" as ever. All of these adjustments are being rushed into on some very "iffy" scientific data that any real global climate change of any real magnitude is happening at all.  Yet governments, industry, and people generally around the world continue to fail to address the real survival issue. CLIMATES CHANGE. SOMETIMES CLIMATE CHANGES DRASTICALLY, GLOBALLY, AND HORRIBLY WITHOUT ANY ACTION ON OUR PART OR ANY INTERVENTION POSSIBLE. IT COULD HAPPEN IN THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW OR NOT FOR ANOTHER 7,000 YEARS BUT IT WILL HAPPEN. 

 Humans, cockroaches, rats, and many other wide ranging species will survive when it occurs but mass extinctions will occur. If humans are to survive as a species and a civilization, with our collective knowledge in tact the human race has to adjust its food security policies, and production technology and its shelter polices and technology to reflect this improbable in terms of any given day, but inevitable in terms of protracted time event. As regards the present, we think pointless debate, there is some new data out indicating the following: 

  • Coldest summer on record at the North Pole
  • Highest August Arctic ice extent since 2006
  • Record high August Antarctic ice extent
  • No major hurricane strikes for eight years
  • Slowest tornado season on record
  • No global warming for 17 years
  • Second slowest fire season on record
  • Four of the five snowiest northern hemisphere winters have occurred since 2008
  All of these observations run contrary to the Al Gore school of climate change. The data may be found at:

The sources cited include NOAA and the Scripps Institute

At the link above at the very end of the article you'll find this illustration:
FROM: WUWT website @:

We think this illustration about sums up our attitude on the current debate. Its a distraction from the discussions, vice debate that we should be having. Climates change, that's what they do. What should we be doing about not only reducing our interference with the climatological cycle but enhancing the survival chances of civilization when the climate change that we really can't control finally hits us. We like this web site by Anthony Watts. The home URL is  For the opposite view by Al Gore see: To learn what we should really be doing Check the past blogs that form the "Namazu School. Unfortunately that takes a bit of time scrolling through over 17 months of day/time order recorded posts, but the AAB boys are working on a complete index of my various posts at: its far from complete but improving weekly.

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