Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Late Admiral "Mac" Showers


"Admiral Mac", a man of unique good humor and humility rests beneath a rather ordinary tombstone in an extraordinary place of final rest for heroes.
Rear Admiral Donald Mccollister Showers USN  (Ret.),  as a young naval intelligence officer helped produce and process the intelligence that was instrumental in securing the American victory at the battle of Midway, a major turning point in the Pacific theater of World War II.  After the war, continuing all way into the Vietnam era, "Mac" Showers continued his career in naval intelligence. After retirement he would become a guiding light in the NAVAL INTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONALS (NIP), an association that he helped form and many members of which regarded him as a mentor . The AAIS and AAB are indebted to the Naval Intelligence Professionals for much of the information that that we have used to flesh out posts that described important maritime events, operations, and activities that barely scratched the surface of the U.S. News Media.. NIP never deals in classified material, but try to imagine how handy it is when you are in something of the news business to have access to people, who have access to local news papers and can read them with native fluency in the language they are written in. That's just to describe one example of the kind of assistance NIP members have been to us as the blog developed over the last year and half. Additionally NIP members review many maritime journals of particular professional interests to the individual member and share what they feel are important stories on the daily "NIP MAIL". This has been like having a half a dozen analysts on staff to help monitor the incredible volume of the world's maritime trade journals. "Admiral Mac" as he was affectionately referred to in his later retirement was a major inspiration, mentor, and cheer leader for such activities and every thing else that NIP does to encourage professionalism and scholarship in the naval intelligence profession. He has been sorely missed since his death in his eighties some months ago. His funeral was properly military and heavily attended. But as is the norm at Arlington National Cemetery, his head stone was not installed immediately.  But his burial site was carefully watched by a NIP organization senior member. We received the a picture today confirming that "Admiral Mac's" final resting place is now properly marked. Rest assured that as long as there is a NIP, it will be periodically visited. Rest in Peace "Admiral Mac", the watch is being maintained. The details are being seen to, the big picture is being discerned. The information is flowing to where it is needed your example lives on in the lives of many. Fair winds and following seas.

From The Entire Crew of AAIS/AAB 


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  1. I never met a finer gentleman and will always remember our association at CIA HQs.
    George Clarke