Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunset Docks by Fr Antunes
 All you need is a mouse to get in. The theme is the cutting edge, designs you're not likely to see in Annapolis. 

Progress Report: This is an audio visual treat is growing on our dashboard as we write.  The boats selected for display are videos and we have not found any problems with the videos across the various browsers. The Boat show is being constructed in Google Chrome on our "Dashboard." Like most complex Internet audio visual sites, performance is no doubt highest when viewed via the same browser that the show was constructed in.  The Hyperlinks to videos appear to be working across all browser systems and videos are the main exhibits, so if you can't use Google come on in anyway when it opens, you'll see all the boats, just the "aisles" may look a little plain.  Hey, admission is free, if you have a mouse, you're admitted to the wildest boat show this year. So that you'll have a basis for comparison we open with a ten minute tour of the biggest boat show in Europe. The gates will be open for a protracted weekend, you can't take it all in in a single session. 

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