Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane station ID 8/29/2012  (2)


Wednesday  August 29, 2012

Official U.S.Navy Photograph


 As I write the this Isaac is an 80mph hurricane, slow moving and dropping water and increasing winds all over the Central Gulf Coast but the weakly defined eye is almost exactly over the mouth of the Mississippi River and shows every indication of slowly climbing right up the Mississippi and passing over New Orleans on the anniversary of Katrina. Wind gusts could exceed 100 mph.  Here in Montgomery , Alabama over 300 miles to the north east the skies are partly cloudy and and the winds calm. The cloud cover has changed, and we did get a little rain shower. We are seeing the outer most bands of this Texas sized storm. We anticipate having electricity and telephone lines throughout the storms passage, assuming the storm track stays pretty much as predicted. We are minus some important resources, but believe we will be able to keep the watch through the storm. Please keep checking in.

Get your day started right with the National Anthem by American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez :

The Balance of Power in the Taiwan Strait is about to Change. China Building new Type 052 D  Destroyer. Two of the hulls are under construction for this guided missile destroyer, ten are thought to be on order. This is a major departure from China's previous naval acquisition methods. Coupled with their new Aircraft Carrier, a task force seems to be forming.

China breaks the ice on northern sea route:

Last week, the Chinese icebreaker Xue Long anchored in the Icelandic harbor of Skarfabakki after covering the 15,000km distance from Qingdao harbor in six weeks.

All special pages are up, News Service is up, Recent headlines include but are not limited to:

US, Southeast Asian navies begin annual joint exercises:

Pirates hijack Greek-owned tanker off Togo:

Our Postings continue to explore the storm, its effects on ports and maritime commerce,  lessons for the "Namazu school, and...notice the new headlines the apparent end of the slow down in pirate activity reported two weeks ago. Whether or not we can can get them all posted as the storm closes in is another story. But we are not and never will ignore what is going on world wide in the maritime sectors. Just remember that our news service and "special pages" are our primary tools for reporting events to you and aiding in your research. 

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