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   WORLD WIDE GENERAL NEWS Link Checked 8/31/2015
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            Morris Telegraph 1872 Popular Science Monthly Vol. 3-PD US 

We have only been operating the headline service within the News Service Section for a couple of weeks. The News Service Section began as a collection of hyper-links to English language maritime trade journals. Then we added an archive of some our own analytic articles and opinion pieces by selected experts. We began the News Service Section because we were acutely aware that the American general media has little understanding of the maritime world and at best very spotty coverage of major maritime events. 

 Once we started the headline service feature where we scan the world's media for important maritime stories, create a headline and then hyper-link you to the source, we made an important discovery. Much of the important daily maritime news of international consequence is in fact found in the general news media, just not so much in the American news media. We often found the daily headlines in ordinary on line newspapers close to the scene of the action. We will continue our practice of scanning the world's media but now we have hyper-linked you to an indexed source of world on line news papers. You may click on the hyper-link below
to find a news paper most anywhere:

 This hyperlink is permanently installed in our News Service Section a little below the headline service and before the links to the trade journals. As we have mentioned we are not a news gathering service, but like any public library we try to maintain a reading room full of the best news sources in our area of expertise, the maritime world. We can not always use the blog postings to keep our maritime professional readers up on the news. We encourage our maritime professional visitors to check the News Service, Naval Interest, and Merchant Marine Interest and/or Admiralty Law sections daily.

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