Monday, August 27, 2012

Hurricane Station ID and Test Pattern


Official U.S.Navy Photograph

HURRICANE WARNING: A Hurricane has entered the Gulf of Mexico. The American Admiralty Books Blog Central is located in its predicted path and has been evacuated. The Chief Library Elf (CLE) AKA "Og" has evacuated with a laptop and I Phone. Blog postings may be a little short the next few days but all special pages, and postings from the past six months remain up, all links will remain operative during the storm passage. There may be reduced information flow to the News Service but the news feed will continue and all news source links will remain operative. Please check back often , first so that you don't miss things, and second each click generates revenue that we'll need to repair damages. Thank you and stay dry.


We were here for Katrina and here is a little memory jogger for anyone who wonders why we are evacuating more than 32 hours before land fall;

For those of you who live outside the central Gulf Coast and don't see the hourly reports here are some thoughts  on the potential for Issac (the storm approaching) for becoming another Katrina.

OK, So about three million Gulf Coast Residents are about to become temporary refugees and probably a million and a half will experience serious property damage, if not the permanent loss of their homes, and we hope it doesn't get as bad as Katrina, in terms of those who die, BUT THAT'S NO EXCUSE NOT TO START THE MORNING FACING THE FLAG AND LISTENING TO THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER

US Flag
Flag Photo by Peter Griffin ,National Anthem by The Military Academy Choirs

The last two weeks we have been telling our readers about the strange visitors to the "Med" filing through the Suez Canal. Today we introduce you to the part of the standing naval force that lives there. Today is Italian Navy /Coast Guard Day. 

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