Thursday, August 23, 2012

How Far Will The Dragon Swim?

Chinese Maritime Patrol Boat HAIXUN-32

SOURCE: New York Times Sunday Review:

Asia's Roiling Sea

"The South China Sea, one of the world’s most important waterways, has been contested off and on for centuries. These days, with the sea bounded by some of Asia’s most vibrant economies — China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan and Malaysia — the competition has become a virtual free-for-all. Confrontations over territorial control are alarmingly frequent and could get out of hand, with dangerous consequences."

 We could have written those words. Over the last seven months we have been sounding the alarm over Chinese aggression and conflicting claims in the China Sea in the many posts we have filed under the series title "HOW FAR WILL THE DRAGON SWIM?" We of course haven't been alone in observing that the China sea is becoming a danger zone. Clearly the Navy's Information Dominance Corps has made the case to the Commander in Chief or we wouldn't be moving so much of our remaining fleet to the Pacific. A number of specialized "trade journals" most notably the U.S. Naval Institute's PROCEEDINGS have been describing the situation for years. But as we so often observe in Louisiana the American general media has a blind spot for what happens "on the wet side of the levee". At last, a member of the American general media has reported in a broad general way on the region and its war drums. We had to provide a link. We'll be watching closely how well the coverage picks up in the general media. Maybe soon we can devote less ink to the swimming dragon and devote a little more coverage to things like fishing, sailing, even surfing.

Click on the link above for the New York Times article 'ASIA'S ROILING SEA"

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