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"U.S.Navy SEALS Reveal The Truth Of The Osama Bin Laden Take Down"

 Two Days Ago we provided a link for you to a story by someone named Mark Ferris. We were able to confirm that the author he wrote about one Chuck Pfarrer, was a former Navy SEAL and that he based his book on a claimed interview with actual SEAL team members who participated in the take down of Osama Bin Laden. Yesterday we learned that an actual member of the relevant SEAL Team has published a book titled "NO EASY DAY" in which he "sets the record straight".  If you didn't read it yesterday , just read the short quote below from a paper apparently posted by Mr. Ferris. We think you'll understand why we thought it important to offer a link to the full article and a link to Mr.Pfarrer's book SEAL TARGET GERONIMO. Below the quote you'll find a link to the complete on line article.  

 The on line article, and  the book SEAL TARGET GERONIMO indicate that the relevant SEAL Team wants the record made straight because they feel that the President and the administration inaccurately portrayed it as a "kill mission", published inaccurate facts, and released the news way too soon destroying most of the value of the intelligence gained in the raid. The actual team members book, NO EASY DAY won't be out till Saturday but the advance publicity appears to support a desire to "set the record straight". If you are following this story it might be instructive to read the linked article once again, and sometime after Saturday see how close this closest possible account comes to the assertions in the on line article available below. 

 We at AAB won't get into the controversy over the release of the author's real name by FOX news except to say release endangers the life of this veteran and his family, and we will not repeat his name. The book was written without clearance as one might expect if it is indeed critical of the administration. Some of us at AAB  have first hand personal, bitter experience with this. We're betting the book does not paint a pretty picture of the actions of the Campaigner in Chief.

"The Seals have spoken out because they were angered at the version given by politicians, which they see as portraying them as cold-blooded murderers on a kill mission. They were also shocked that President Barack 0bama announced Bin Laden’s death on television the same evening, rendering useless much of the intelligence they had seized.Chuck Pfarrer, a former commander of Seal Team 6, which conducted the operation, has interviewed many of those who took part for a book, Seal Target Geronimo, to be published in the US this week.The Seals own accounts differ from the White House version, which gave the impression that Bin Laden was killed at the end of the operation rather than in its opening seconds. Pfarrer insists Bin Laden would have been captured had he surrendered.

There isn’t a politician in the world who could resist trying to take credit for getting Bin Laden but it devalued the intelligence and gave time for every other Al-Qaeda leader to scurry to another bolthole, said Pfarrer. The men who did this and their valorous act deserve better."

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             Bookcover icon is for Kindle Edition                                             We were able to confirm that Chuck Pfarrer did write a book called SEAL TARGET GERONIMO and that he was a former SEAL who definitely claims to have interviewed the relevant seal team. Click on the icon to find the book at Amazon

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