Saturday, August 25, 2012

Station Identification and Test Pattern: Week End (3)


File:Alexander von Humboldt II (3) cropped.jpg


If you are new to our site click here : for a minute and half video explanation of what we are all about. If you need more information after that click on "INTRODUCTION" to your right.

We're mostly veterans of the various sea services and like to start each morning with morning colors promptly at 0800 CST. Below the flag you'll find a link to this morning's performing artist for our national anthem. If you missed attending colors, click on the link below the flag and flag photo credit.  We always have an unusual rendition of the STAR SPANGLED BANNER to start your day off right.

US Flag


The posts this morning include an introduction to a few of our staff, biographies of a sort if you will.
We've titled it WHO THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS?

We also have a reprint of a long ago guest blog that most of you never read. It's sort of an introduction  to the historical roll of "Naval Agents". We expect the naval trade journals to contain an increasing amount of discussion on naval agents as our access to foreign bases keeps shrinking.

The News Service is up and running.

ATTENTION BOAT BUILDERS: We have begun building a links section to other boat building sites. We included so far, a sort of master link site that is very comprehensive but probably not very selective, and this morning we added three reviewed sites. Please visit the boat building page often in the next few weeks, scroll to the bottom and have a look at our links. Just as we want you to to be able to find a specific book or video for detailed guidance through your project, we want you to be able to find a specialized website on a particular aspect of boat building. So if you have a site to recommend that we have not reviewed and posted (It can already be on the comprehensive link list), please send us a comment. If you find the boat building site of particular utility....please "like us on Face Book". Thank you Boat Builders for your measurably high interest in this page. Obviously you are all both craftsmen and scholars.

NEW FEATURE FOR SUNDAY-THE SUNDAY FUNNYS''...A collection of  YouTube's most comedic water oriented videos. Be on the lookout for it tomorrow, lets know what you think by dropping us a comment.

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