Thursday, August 30, 2012

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"U.S.Navy SEALS Reveal The Truth Of The Osama Bin Laden Take Down",Or Do They?


 Last Week we provided a link for you to a story by someone named Mark Ferris. We were able to confirm that the author he wrote about, one Chuck Pfarrer, was a former Navy SEAL and that he based his book on a claimed interview with actual SEAL team members who participated in the take down of Osama Bin Laden. 


A few Days later we learned that an actual member of the relevant SEAL Team has published a book titled "NO EASY DAY" in which he "sets the record straight".  Pfarrer's book SEAL TARGET GERONIMO was based on the idea that Bin Laden offered armed resistance and was shot in self defense by the SEAL team. National net work news is now reporting that the author of NO EASY DAY  views the take down as more of an execution. If that is true then the parties behind SEAL TARGET GERONIMO would not have the case they try to make against the President. 

 The on line article, and  the book SEAL TARGET GERONIMO indicates that the relevant SEAL Team wants the record made straight because they feel that the President and the administration inaccurately portrayed it as a "kill mission", published inaccurate facts, and released the news way too soon destroying most of the value of the intelligence gained in the raid. The actual team members book, NO EASY DAY is now out and being read by the Media and being discussed. Unfortunately due to the operational tempo problems caused by the storm, we haven't read the book, so we can't comment. 

 If the Bin Laden take down was a "kill mission" we ignored a golden intelligence opportunity. If it wasn't, and Bin Laden's death was an unavoidable operational requirement caused by his own reaction, it still is true that the timing of the announcement destroyed much of the intelligence value of the mission. All we can do at this point is suggest that you read both books. They are both on the shelves at Amazon now and linked below. Let us know via a comment what you think.


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