Friday, August 17, 2012

LIVE PIRACY REPORTS: Updated 3/16/2016

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Our "Live Piracy Reports" are presently found in our "NEWS SERVICE". Later today we will also be replicating the hyperlinks to this service in our NAVIGATION section, somewhere near "Ben's Tech Spot" Where you will find other useful voyage planning tools.

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Piracy should be considered in any voyage plan today. Our Live Piracy Update connection provides ADVICE TO MASTERS, A LIVE PIRACY MAP, LIVE PIRACY REPORT, PIRACY PRONE AREAS AND REPORTS and links to important piracy reporting and information services. Our recent review of this site indicated that piracy is not only a problem in the well known problem areas of the Gulf of ADEN and the Strait of  Molucca, but there are significant problems off of the North East Atlantic and North West Pacific Corners of South America,  the Caribbean, off of Algeria, and the Suez, and near parts of West Central Africa and Nigeria. The bottom line is that unless you are proceeding from Charleston, South Carolina to Baltimore along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway you probably better include pirate avoidance in your voyage planning, and at that, we aren't saying our internal domestic routes are crime free.


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