Friday, August 31, 2012

Hurricane Station Identification and test Pattern 8/31/2012 (4)


Friday  August 31, 2012

Official U.S.Navy Photograph

NEWS FLASH: Russia to Develop Naval Equivalent of U.S. Aegis Defense System

Source:  MOSCOW, August 31 (RIA Novosti)


 Naval Professionals will understand how important this development is. If you are not familiar with the Aegis System we suggest that you read up on it, this is major. We will try to find and post some basic information on the system for you right here. If successsful this move by the Bear could be a game changer.

For a basic backgrounder click here:  

Even the national media is starting to pick up the story. Here is the Washington Post's take on the story: 

Check the NEW SERVICE for additional maritime security developments we are tracking today. 


SWWBO and I are still in Montgomery, Alabama. The storm finally passed over New Orleans and now we are awaiting word on whether or not we have a standing home to go back to and if it has electricity. Its no fun living in temperatures well over 90 degrees F with inoperative air conditioning. But at least there is light at the end of the tunnel for life on the lam in surprisingly interesting and scenic Montgomery. Soon it will be back to the daily grind plus the post storm clean up. I'm over due now for Annapolis, and it looks like I'll be a bit longer on that chore.

Meanwhile time and tide wait for no man, one of the first lessons you learn in any maritime trade right along with Murphy's law. So here we go........

Today take a few extra moments and listen to the story of the Star Spangled Banner   (part1)       (part 2)

Click Above For The Story Of The National Anthem, be sure to watch both parts 1 and 2. The ending is mind blowing!

So get let's down to the day's work. Scroll Down.

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