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Beastie, Epic Fish Video Editor and Contributor to the FISHING Section

I'd like to thank Namazu for the warm welcome to the American Admiralty Books staff and Chief Editor Johnas Presbyter for his vote of confidence in retaining me after the demise of the ANGRY FISH CAM. As a non biped attempting to communicate with the biped world the accommodation by AAB of the hydrophones and the unique work at home rules are keeping with the best intentions of the growing body of American law intended to make employment more inclusive of those of us who are a bit different. Personally of course I'm a citizen of the World Ocean, but if I were a biped I'd want to be an American! I don't care what their enemies say about them, Americans are the most open minded, inclusive, fair, and friendly bipeds on the planet. I was very pleased to accept the offer by our editor in chief to pick a book from our expanding FISHING section to recommend. I have chosen WHAT FISH DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW. An Insider's Guide to Fresh Water Fishing  by Frank Baron

 Here is an excerpt from the AAB review from our FISHING section:

"To me the ultimate "Insider" in fishing would be a large predatory fish. But then again a small bait fish would have a unique perspective as well. Unfortunately none of these real "insiders" are talking so you'll pretty much have to take the author's word for it when he tells you this book contains things that fish really don't want you to know."
Well, obviously things have changed in our Fishing section. At least one large predatory fish is talking in the first person. Having examined this volume I have to say that while the author had to rely on observations of fish behavior and then infer the things that we'd just as soon keep secret he hasn't strayed far from the mark. I have to endorse this selection as accurate while advocating that you confine use of the insights to the collection of the smaller species that we jointly pursue and  show a little more respect for the man sized and larger species.

                                                                                Amazon - Shop. Connect. Enjoy. All from Earth's Biggest Selection. 


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