Monday, January 13, 2014

Check Out What's New In Our Boat Building Section


Photo by Bill Bradley  / and licensed under the "Creative Commons   

If you haven't visited the Boat Building section recently, you might want to check it out especially if you are in search of a boat building plans. You may have noticed that our Home Page , formerly "Station Identification and Notice Board" features small sailboats for the opening graphic and the photo credit is literally a link to the organization selling plans to build the boat depicted. These sources of boat plans we are cataloging in our Boat Building Section..  The Boat Building section is also the place to look for sources of boat building instruction Previously we had links to half a dozen schools that we had checked out. Recently  we added this link             from The Mother of All Maritime Links that should give you a hyper link to about 99% of the schools available in America. We also added a link to the Longship Company a Maryland organization of Viking boat operators, maintainers, builders and educators of all things Viking. Members can learn not only a lot about ancient vessel restoration and replication, maintenance and repair, but also about handling boats propelled by banks of oarsmen, and the use of square sails.

  These are just a few of the recent changes more on the way. We are starting to build a Boat Builder's shop in our on line shopping mall:        
 AMERICAN ADMIRALTY SHOPPING MALL There is still a small tool shop at the end of the scroll that makes up the BOAT BUILDING SECTION.

Check out the the Boat Building Section regularly, it is starting to shape up as your portal to the world of boat and boat model building. Book reviews, free videos, opinion, school and organization reviews, and links to just about everything on boat and boat model building on the Internet, this special interest page is fast becoming the only site you need to know to start navigating the Internet for Boat and Boat model building information and "infotainment". 

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