Wednesday, January 22, 2014



The Late Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, our new new Admiralty law commentator and personal friend of the Great Namazu

 I was very pleased to review the updated E-version of  the AMERICAN ADMIRALTY BUREAU's COMMENTATOR VOLUME 3 first written in 1996 by Raymond F. Bollinger, John Deck II, and James Wilson, update completed in 2013.  The subtitle of the manuscript is titled "Matters Marine"and it describes all sorts of situations where the Coast Guard's safety regulations meet the operational world resulting in frequently litigated matters. These matters include but are not limited to commercial vessel operations in white water and surf, gambling vessel safety, predictability of rigging failures, and safe access to and between vessels and many other subjects that frequently contribute to personal injuries in the maritime world . As many of you know I left active law practice back in 1939 due to my death. I recently learned that the first off shore oil rig appeared off of Louisiana around 1949. So a lot of the contents of this work dealt not only with the general world of shipping but major areas of maritime employment that didn't even exist in my day. However I believe any justice or advocate armed with this reference will be able to discern in advance what legitimate experts will have to say in a given case involving any of the many circumstances dealt with in this volume. It's free to read or consult in its entirety in the ADMIRALTY LAW SECTION, along with volumes 1 and 2 which were updated and posted earlier in 2013. Work continues I am told in 2014 and all of the previously published volumes (six perhaps?) will be available as e-manuscripts on this blog site. I have found the entire three volumes posted so far to be very useful works of what advocates today might call "techno-legal" guidance.


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