Monday, January 20, 2014

NEWS FLASHES: January 20, 2014


Libya plans to end seizures of oil ports within days- PM Story by Ruters

"Jan 19 (Reuters) - Libya plans to remove protesters who have seized eastern ports vital for lucrative oil exports within the next few days, Prime Minister Ali Zeidan said on Sunday.

But he did not say whether force would be used, telling Libya's al-Ahrar news channel that he did not want the country to plunge into civil war." Complete story at: Ruters

Encroaching Chinese cargo ship intercepted off Kinmen
Story by Tiwan News
"Kinmen, Jan. 18 (CNA) A cargo ship from China was apprehended off the outlying island of Kinmen Friday for encroaching on Taiwan's territorial waters and it faces a fine of more than NT$1 million (US$33,096), Coast Guard Administration officials in Kinmen said Saturday. To prevent Chinese ships from poaching and fishing in Taiwan's waters, the Coast Guard Administration's Kinmen maritime patrol corps and the Coastal Patrol Directorate General vowed on Jan. 6 to step up a crackdown on trespassing Chinese fishing boats and sand dredgers." Full story :Story by Tiwan News
Editors Note: This will be interesting to watch since China claims Taiwan as an territory of China.

US Warship Makes Singapore Strait Rescue

"The Malaysian-flagged motor vesselPantagruel made a 'man overboard' distress call and the Spruancepicked the man up with its rigid-hull-inflatable boat soon afterwards. He was assessed by the crew as being in stable condition and was then transferred to a Singapore Police Coast Guard vessel." Full Story at: Story by Maritime

Navy Ship Capsizes Near Ashkelon


"  Monday morning 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) from the coast, while patrolling the Mediterranean waters near Ashkelon.
In response, a missile boat was sent to the site, and rescue crews brought some of the sailors to the shore. None of them were hurt.".


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