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Another Interesting Key Word Search


 Public domain Image courtesy Wouter Hagens
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 We had four key word searchers as first time visitors on January 2, 2014. The key words "Houseboat Builders, Philippines".  Unfortunately we are sure that despite our goal of being the one site for all maritime information after a due diligence search we have to conclude that on January 2, 2014 we had no links or information on houseboat builders in the Philippines. So we set out to remedy that. Nothing distresses us like a visitor who doesn't find useful information that they sought here. Unfortunately we couldn't find public domain images of houseboats built in the Philippines to open our post with. The unique boats depicted above were built in India (upper left) and in an unknown country for the lower right. The one image of a boat design with houseboat potential built in the Philippines we were able to find had copy right protections.  Nearer the bottom of the post we show a proprietary photo with a link to the Philippine builder, in the hopes that the free advertisement will keep us out of hot copyright water. We also didn't find much in the way of Philippine house boat builders on the internet. However we know the Philippines is full of excellent boat builders of wooden craft, Philippine traditional craft, and Australian and New Zealand owned boat builders in a variety of materials capable of custom house boat construction. So below we've linked our readers to what we were able to find both in terms of house boat builders and builders who we thought would be capable of custom houseboat construction located in the Philippines. If any of our readers know of other reliable Philippine boat builders capable of custom houseboat or floating home construction please use the comments section to alert us.


 Johnas Presbyter, Editor

House Boat Builders Asia: Located in Cebu, Philippines, builders in wood. Australian owned Philippine based.

Corporate Self Description:

"Company Description

We are a boat building company that specializes in the construction of custom and production built houseboats of all designs and sizes. We are based in the Philippines but owned and run by a qualified Shipwright/Boatbuilder from Australia that has over 25 years experience. Because we are based in the Asian region we can supply labour and materials at much more competitive prices but still provide excellent quality and workmanship. If you looking to build a houseboat of any kind please don't hesitate to contact us for some information and quotations. "

ANDY SMITH BOAT WORKS: New Zealand Owned, Philippines located.  Not specifically a houseboat builder, but check out their "Power Cat" design which looks like a good platform for a house boat superstructure. This is a custom boat builder so such a modification of an existing desigh shouldn't be very difficult.

BOAT SHOP MANILA:  `This builder has produced many different yachts in the 42 to 52 foot size range including a number of what Chris Craft used to call "Sedan Cruisers" a more yacht like and open water capable version of a "house boat', frequently favored by "live aboards". It also has a small ferry design that only needs the interior changed to be a classic house boat. If you are looking for a custom house boat builder in the Philippines we are pretty well convinced that this shop could do a fine job even though they don't advertise that capability.

And finally an actual photograph of a Philippine built large houseboat type vessel:
 Ces Craft Philippines Philippine owned and Philippine operated:
CES CRAFT PHILIPPINES started as a single proprietorship company way-back 1957. Its reputation as one of the premier and dominant boat-builders in the country was galvanized after entries made by the company started winning international powerboat races in various parts of the world. Clients from the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, Singapore and the USA came to know CIRILO SALILICAN / CES CRAFT and ordered boats of various sizes and classification.

  CIRILO SALILICAN spent the best years of his childhood on the sea. Coming from a family of fishermen, he was already fascinated with seafaring vessels at an early age, marveling at their seemingly perfect designs to glide and withstand the rough Philippine seas. 

 In the interest of full disclosure this is not a paid advertisement for Mr. Salilican or CES CRAFT PHILIPPINES. We simply found public domain images of Philippine built houseboats very hard to find in the Public Domain. CES CRAFT had the best photo we could find on the internet, but we have to presume the photo is the copy righted property of CES CRAFT.  By using the photos in conjunction with a direct hyper link to the company we hope that we have avoided any copy right infractions. We know from first hand experience that the Philippines has an impressive boat building work force of highly skilled craftsmen. This is what attracted Australian and New Zealand based boat builders to the area. We also feel that Philippine boat builders, especially the Philippine owned and operated companies have a much smaller foot print on the internet than what their quality and quantity warrant. We urge all Philippine builders to step up their internet marketing efforts.  One inexpensive way to start is by letting us know you're out there by posting contact information and capabilities in the comment section. We will cull these periodically and move them to our boat building special interest page on a semi permanent basis, free of charge.   

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