Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Post Graduate Maritime Education


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2010 Graduation Exercise at WMU, Photo from the WMU website: http://wmu.se/media 

 There are more degree choices for graduates of maritime and naval academies today. About 40 years ago these were pretty much military mechanical engineering schools. Today many of the world's maritime and naval service academies are granting degrees in government, history, political science, oceanography, as well as dishing out the standard instruction and hands on training to prepare an officer to serve as officer in charge of a navigation or engineering watch aboard ship. Most operationally inclined officers from these academies have either pursued higher military command or higher merchant officer licenses to move up from watch officer to master and commander. However many more officers end their seagoing careers after about five years to pursue careers that are more about the sea than at sea as naval architects, admiralty lawyers, or shipping company managers or marine surveyors ashore.  Even today few national maritime academies offer post graduate degrees directly applicable to non ship officer jobs directly tied to marine operations. One of the pioneers in such post graduate degree programs and an important leader in the movement is actually a United Nations sponsored institution.

 The World Maritime University (WMU) was founded in 1983 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) a specialized agency of the United Nations.WMU is a maritime center of excellence providing post graduate education and research offering masters of science and doctorate degrees in maritime operational and business subjects. WMU also provides professional development short courses. The university is headquartered in Malmo, Sweden with additional programs located in Shanghai and Dalian, China.WMU promotes the international exchange of and transfer of maritime ideas and knowledge.

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