Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NEWS FLASH: On Going Visit by Dragon to Sri Lanka

Chinese Warships Arrive On Goodwill Visit
Chinese warships arrive on goodwill visit
Photo Credit: NAVY IK
"Two Chinese war ships, “Jing Gangsha” and “Heng Shui” which arrived at the Trincomalee port yesterday will leave tomorrow (15), the Navy said.  The two warships arrived in the country on a goodwill visit.
Jing Gangsha (LPD) is commanded by Captain Liu Zhonghu, the ship is 210 meters in length and has a displacement of 19,035 tons.  Heng Shui (FRIGATE) is commanded by Commander Zhang Xiaosheng. The ship is 134.1 meter in length and has a displacement of 3647 tons.
The crew of both ships will participate in several special programs arranged by the Navy in enhancing mutual relationships and friendship." Read the entire story at:THE NATION 
- See more at:http://www.nation.lk/edition/breaking-news/item/24724-chinese-warships-arrive-on-goodwill-visit.html

 EDITOR's NOTE: Sorry we are a bit late on posting this latest far voyage of the Dragon. Sri Lanka is about 1500 miles from Malaysia and Singapore, a large island just off the Southern Coast of India.  Sri Lanka was just recently visited by the Indian Navy, frankly we should have been on the look out for this visit by the Dragon.

  At home in the China seas it seems the Dragon's Navy is unskilled at diplomacy choosing instead to display force against its coastal neighbors whose island territories and Exclusive Economic Zones it covets. Out in the Indian Ocean it tends to display ample naval diplomatic tactics. But there is a decided target for its tactics. China wants to counter India as an Indian Ocean power.

 Interestingly while China claims and acts like the entire area of the South and East China Seas are its own internal waters ( How that can be if the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore are independent; is a concept understood only by the Dragon. Such an idea flys in the face of established international law. Perhaps the Dragon regards the independence of these states as a temporary annoyance). Yet in the Indian Ocean , where China has no coast, the Dragon feels compelled to counter India's every naval diplomatic move. India's Navy didn't have to travel over 1,500 sea miles to visit their neighbor Sri Lanka, they could have rowed over. The Dragon stresses its naval capabilities in a naval diplomatic offensive aimed at countering India. What a pointless exercise. India is merely visiting her neighbors, China is selling its self as the regional power to rely on. But any of the peoples in the Indian Ocean / Malacca straits areas can see how China wants to participate in the global community by watching how it treats the sovereign watery territories of its own immediate neighbors. The Dragon's actions speak louder than words and reveal that the Dragon speaks with forked tongue. The Dragon is the "Middle Kingdom" and it is seeking one thing, vassal states. The Dragon shares a land border with India over which they have fought a war. India is the real rival of China for regional power house. But India is a democracy, a free market economy, and a law abiding state. With the exception of Pakistan which has an illogical hatred of India nursed since partition, India's neighbors have no fear of Indian ambitions which certainly do include developing supper defensive forces and a super economy. They don't want these things so that they can rule their neighbors , they need these things to survive with a dragon on their doorstep.   

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