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(PD) Photo by nikos karademas

As our regular visitors know we don't claim this is the most fully comprehensive of maritime sites on each particular maritime or ocean related subject. What we are trying to be is the logical starting point for research into anything and everything maritime in nature, or having most anything to do with naval, or ocean activity; military, commercial, or recreational. We pride ourselves on seeking out and linking you to the best sites in the English language on any particular maritime subject. We choose English as the language of the blog because it is the official international language of marine operations and maritime commerce. But that is not to say that there isn't great information in other languages. 

 Because our task is so great in the largest language of the maritime world and our staff and budget is small we can't promise to link you to the greatest international sites on all maritime subjects , regardless of language. But when we find one that is unusually good in a language other than English we want to bring your attention to it.  So we want to share with you our favorite guilty fishing pleasure. We have been visiting  Rickyvadepesca's site for months now. This is a truly beautiful fishing site. Many of the staff here at AAB love to fish, and if you are a fisherman anything like us you know that your top three favorite types of eye candy are color photos of :

 Yeah, we understand that your order of attraction on the list above may change somewhat with age, but we know the fisherman mind set. In whatever order they occur this is the list of real eye candy to the fisherman. Two of your favorites are available in abundance at 
Rickyvadepesca's .    

 Yesterday we visited the site and and the lead feature was a new spinning reel. Not only did the photography display multiple sided views but also closeups of variable setting features like drag adjustments in which you could actually read the tiny printed instructions. There was great still photography of some popular lures but also a link to a Japanese manufacturer's video of under water film of the lure working. If I was a fish it would have made me hungry. 

 If you use the Google browser you have a translate button, so if you don't speak Spanish just hit the translate button. We have some knowledge of Spanish and find that this site does unusually well with the translate program. We think this is because a lot of the writing on the site consists of simple photo captions that the computer program has little trouble translating. Where features are longer, there may be the occasional rough spot for the computer translator.  However, Rick understands English and writes in well chosen Spanish mostly avoiding slang terms, so the computer translation program works unusually well most of the time. We think this is going to be one of the top international fishing sites because of its quality and the fact that it is written in what is perhaps the second or third most widely spoken language on earth, in a form that readily computer translates into the first most popular second language on earth.

 The site's photography crosses all language barriers, it even makes bait look interesting and photogenic. As you know we have several levels at which we recommend books, videos, and web sites. We don't really have a category for "Guilty Pleasures", but if we did this would be our first choice in the fishing category. Rick is based in Spain. Even if your wife doesn't fish she'll say yes to a vacation in Spain that includes ample fishing. As fishermen and long married husbands we know all about arranging fishing around the requirements of "She who would be obeyed" (SWWBO). In the interest of full disclosure Rick is not a paid advertiser with us as is the case with nearly all of the web sites that we link you to. Spain didn't advertise with us either, but we thoroughly recommend a visit to Rick's site and a fishing trip to Spain. You'll have a great time and so will your SWWBO.

Johnas Presbyter, editor 

PS: I once forgot my wedding anniversary as all husbands are likely to do after 20 years or so. I took an all day fishing trip. One of the best trips ever featuring huge red drum fish. My memory of that wonderful fishing trip is ruined by the memory of being confronted by a angry SWWBO at the end of the day and being delivered the news that it was our wedding anniversary. Believe me more than a decade later I still suffer annual repercussions from that event. Here is how I avoid a repeat, and how hopefully how you can avoid the same fate. I mark my anniversary date on the outside of my tackle box in prominent red letters.

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