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But It Taught Us A Lot About The Public Interest in Cartography
Image Released to the Public domain by

Marina Shemesh Marina Shemesh

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Back in April 2013 we found a Washington Post website posting that we titled the WORLD EXPLAINED IN FORTY MAPS. We wrote a short introduction and posted it here with our hyper link to the Washington Post site.  Ever since it has been the single most used key word search by which visitors are entering our pages. Our original post may be reached in a click on "40 Maps", the other link above takes you directly to the Washington Post Site. If you want to read our original commentary the 40 Maps" AAB site has links to the Washington Post feature. The overwhelming reaction to this link caused us to create within our NAVIGATION SECTION, a subsection called Cartography. We have learned through the experience of featuring this Washington Post article that while our professional mariner members and visitors are concerned with nautical charts and other aids to accuracy of navigation, the general public is equally interested in spatial representation of information , especially economic, political, cultural, and physical sciences information overlaid on maps. This is a part of the Cartographer's art. And so we have been featuring cartography more prominently. In our illustration for today's post we decided to not just note that the graphic used was in the public domain but to provide a link to the artist / cartographer and even show her picture 

Marina Shemesh . 

 So if you are one of our many visitors entering the blog looking for the 40 Maps feature we hope this post saves you some scrolling about. We hope that your interest in the nautical arts and sciences and maritime subjects increases and that you'll visit the expanding Cartography subsection within our NAVIGATION SECTION often.


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