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Here is a sample of what you may find in our NEWS SERVICE Opinion and Editorial Section. If you were unaware that we had an editorial and opinion section within our NEWS SERVICE it may be because it is all the way at the bottom of the scroll. We'll save you a bit of trouble, just click on the link within the text below to read a J E Dyer opinion, especially meaningful in light of last week's events between China and Japan.  

 The hyperlink presented here will take you to a world view by J E Dyer a retired Naval intelligence Officer who provides excellent analysis of world events on her website  the Optimistic ConservativeAs you would expect from the web site's title the general tenor of her analysis tends towards the conservative, and her point of view of world events tends to be a bit naval centric. In short, her analysis is often very similar to our own, but the mission of her website is more focused on this type of analysis. Our mission is to bring you the English language information sources on the maritime world.

 Dyer's recent "Tumultus Post Americanus " analytic essay is a complete over all world view that we were first drawn to by its inclusion of the South China Sea troubles. But she leaves no stone unturned in presenting a naval centric view of global current events. Her latest posting touches on every corner of the world. We would be remiss if we did not introduce you to J E Dyer. After this posting you will start to find her hyper link in our News service section under Editorials and Analysis, along with our occasional commentary when she hits upon something of particular maritime interest. Click on this hyper-link for the global essay that first drew our attention:

 In the interest of full disclosure in this, our first presentation of an outside analysis that some might call an opinion piece, we have to make a statement . We should state the obvious; our world view tends to be maritime in character as you might expect of an organization that provides maritime information. The maritime world tends to be more conservative than the world at large. In admiralty law the words "marine or maritime business" are rarely used, the operative term is "maritime adventure". This is why not just anyone underwrites marine insurance. Sailors tend to cling to the tried and true. In one of our previous blogs we lamented the fact that in the realm of Coast Guard approvals of marine survival, safety, life saving and pollution control devices; it is far too difficult to obtain an approval for "best available technology" vice technology that conforms to accepted codes and standards. So we are well aware of our own conservative tendencies and while we think that generally a certain level of conservatism is good in marine endeavors, we are also aware of the pitfalls of an ideologically driven view point. 

 We don't claim to be "fair and balanced", indeed given the conservatism of the maritime professions it will often be difficult to find more liberal voices. But in our news service section we will strive to bring views  from as diverse a group as we possibly can. Please visit our news service often. Please stay with us if at first the sources linked to seem overwhelmingly conservative. That is the nature of our professions, and most of our professional literature. 

  We already link you to one labor organization The National Mariner's Association (NMA) in one of our blogs where we favorably noted their new publication BLOOD ON BROWN WATER a book not likely to be popular with conservative vessel managers and owners. We will definitely try to bring you the union view on the maritime issues of the day as well as management's. We will be providing hyper links to the NMA news letter in our news service section soon. We also link you to the Naval Institute which has long been a haven for naval thinkers who "dare to think, speak, and write". We will preclude no information that we feel may be helpful based on any perception of a liberal or conservative bias. 

 However, that is about as far as any maritime orientated organization can go in terms of being what FOX news calls "fair and balanced"Of course in our coverage of water sports like sailing, surfing, and fishing, our only test for the publication of information is whether or not the information is useful and /or fun and/or entertaining. In our legal and professional sections accuracy is the primary consideration. So if we are doing our job right it should be a little difficult to pin a clearly liberal or conservative label on us, but to say that we have a "mildly conservative outlook" is probably not only fair, but inevitably true of nearly all maritime organizations.

 Like all good sailors,when faced with a new proposition we want proof that it is the safer method, the better route, the more productive method, the more accurate fix. If proven, we'll adopt it even if it comes from left field. Like all good navigation officers we never shoot the look out. But we verify carefully. So trust us; even if you are registered socialists, read J.E. Dyer. J.E. Dyer is one wise woman in a world terribly short of wisdom.

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