Saturday, September 22, 2012

Road Post


SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 22, 2012                                          

On The Road Again

 As you read this we are on the way to Annapolis by auto. This is the hard way to do it 1200 miles by road from New Orleans to Annapolis. But we have to bring back a bunch of stuff so we need the trunk. We also came down by auto so we left no car there. We generally allow our selves at least two days to drive it if not three.  October in Annapolis is great , the weather usually picture perfect and its boat show time. We get to gather up ideas for the American Admiralty Books 2013 virtual boat show. The 2012 AAB Virtual Boat Show is about 96% complete. Don't forget to visit starting October 5, 2012. Our theme this year is about the far edge of the design envelope. While the focus is on yachts and recreational boating, our naval and merchant marine professionals are encouraged to view this four day special presentation. Many a military design has come out of work originated in yacht and recreational boat design. 

 Attempting to blog from the road is the pits, even when splitting the driving. Working the laptop in the car is impossible. To make 1200 miles in not more than three days, pit stops are short. So please excuse us if some comments go unanswered for a few days. Now would be a great time to explore our "special interest pages like; ADMIRALTY LAW,  AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE, BOAT BUILDING, DIVING, TECHNICAL DIVING, MERCHANT MARINE INTERESTS, NAVAL INTERESTS, MARITIME LITERATURE, SAILING, SURFING, VESSEL TRAFFIC SERVICES etc.. Our blog stats show us that the two most visited parts of this site are the BLOG POSTINGS, which you are reading now, and BOAT BUILDING. 

 This site is meant as a maritime subject library and research site. The subject matter pages are really the heart of the system. Like many a library we also provide a news room where patrons may read news papers and periodicals, we call it our "News Service". We call it a service because we also scan the world's maritime media and post a headline service for you where your attention is drawn to top stories and links provided to the media coverage of the events. Because of the circles we associate with in the maritime world, we sometimes have information ahead of the media on some astounding maritime developments. When that happens we often provide our own news coverage right here in the blog space. But we drop it and link you to the professional news gathering organizations as soon as they come on line with the story. Some times we provide supplemental information here in the blog space to the standard news coverage. For example when the Chinese, Indians, and Russians all paid surprise visits to the Mediterranean Sea a couple of weeks ago we detailed their passage into the Mediterranean as they passed Gibraltar (Russian Northern Fleet), out of the Black sea (Russian Black Sea element)s, and out of Suez (everyone else) . We provided ship names and senior officer names as well, in some instances when the world media seemed not to have this information.We know our way around vessel traffic services, governmental, commercial, and private.


Our stats tell us that the number of visitors to our blog postings more than doubles when we are providing "news" on breaking major maritime events. The blog spaces are the primary space where we publish opinion, and special items, there are few rules for it and it is only an ancillary duty for those who write for it. A fairly large proportion of our readers appear to be sporadic, or specific item driven "News Junkies". So we need to repeat something here. We are not a news gathering or reporting agency. Our "NEWS SERVICE" is a headline service contained in our "NEWS SERVICE" special page. That page began as simply a cyber reading room where we linked our readers to the world's English language maritime trade journals and news papers, on line versions. Piracy became such a constant issue that we linked both our NEWS SERVICE and our NAVIGATION pages to constantly updated piracy information centers. We cannot assure our "News Junkie" visitors that we will always catch such items as the the recent stand off in the China sea or the on rush of Russian, Chinese, and Indian naval vessels into the  Mediterranean and post NEWS FLASHES on the blog posting space's "Station ID" the Sailing Vessel with the green sails.

 The real work of our organization takes place constantly in the "special pages" such as ADMIRALTY :LAW, AUTHORITATIVE LITERATURE, BOAT BUILDING, DIVING, TECHNICAL DIVING, MERCHANT MARINE INTEREST MARITIME LITERATURE, NAVAL INTERESTS, OCEANOGRAPHY, SAILING, SURFING, and VESSEL TRAFFIC SERVICES. So to our "News Junkies" a reminder that while we are on the road and perhaps prone to miss important news stories, the NEWS SERVICE SECTION is on full service 24 / 7 as are the professional maritime news services that we hyperlink you to. So simply checking in at our station ID looking for a "NEWS FLASH" isn't the same as keeping up with the news, which for some of our readers is probably a job requirement. Check the AAB NEWS SERVICE HEADLINE SERVICE DAILY, and then scroll down and select the linked publication that comes closest to your area of endeavor and check their on line version.  We're still the only site you need to bookmark to enter the world of maritime information, but you can't get it all in the blog posts. Find your "special page" and check it often. 

 We'll have some news about specific "Special Pages" for you from the Road. But please, while you're here, explore.

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