Saturday, September 1, 2012

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HELLO!  Sorry about yesterday.  SWWBO and I left Montgomery after we had posted the news about Egypt sending its military to both sides of the Suez, the Russians announcing that they were going to develop an Ageis system of their own, and the departure of the Russian Northern Fleet from the MED. We had received some of these stories through AAIS foreign language sources. The last thing I wrote before making a very big tactical error was that we would find English language accounts and get back to you. Then we received word that  electrical power had been restored to our neighborhood in New Orleans. We immediately departed Montgomery. When we arrived home about five hours later we found that while power was restored in our general vicinity it was not restored to our block. It's still not restored. So this morning we made our way to PJs where  coffee and internet are up, but my battery is down We're working on it. We'll be back to you shortly.

We're back!  Battery is charging!  Just like Montgomery we are still down to a laptop and I phone. Unlike Montgomery we can't just fire up the lap top whenever we want. Blog work is now a constant search for working electricity and an internet connection. Damn I miss those little electrons, who knew?

OK, OK, enough self pity it may be late but you can't start your day without morning colors. We'll get that up for you in a minute.

And here it is:
Clck here for the Star Spangled Banner

Please check in at intervals during the day.  We will try to update as much as we can and even try to publish the promised weekend postings that started with last weekend's "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS"

The first post up this morning is a collection of links to interviews and other videos on "THE WAR IN TEXAS", an updated post that we posted last week end and intended to follow up with this posting providing you with some recorded interviews with some of the officials quoted in the first post on the War on the Rio Grande. Sorry for the delay apparently it slipped down the postings pending scroll and in the confusion over the storm I failed to post it. Please read about the war in Texas, it is such an important story and the national media carries so little on it. American should know about the real state of border security.

TECHNICAL GLICH: The News Service jumped out of alphabetical order on our home page. It is still working, somewhat up dated, and now located at the bottom of the lists instead of among the other pages like Navigation, and Naval Interest, that start with N. We are not able to correct the situation from PJs.  I will be contacting SOG in Latin America where he should have full dashboard capability to see if we can correct that for you.Meanwhile don't forget that at the bottom of the News Service scroll are links to news papers all over the world and most of the English language maritime news and trade journals where you can follow any of the day's or week's stories. Our technical difficulties caused by the storm may be affecting our News Service but not our "News Reading Room" which is what the News Service started out as.  Its a bit "do it yourself" but the world maritime news is still all there even if we are having difficulty analyzing it for you at the moment. Don't stop keeping an eye on the maritime world; the national media and our elected officials pay it too little attention as it is.

Sorry but due to circumstances beyond our control we had to shorten today's version of "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS ANY WAY?"

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