Tuesday, September 4, 2012


 If you have been following this site for a while you know that Og , Swwbo, and others divide their time between operational bases in Annapolis and New Orleans. Og is the major contributor to blog postings with some occasional help from Vic. When the storm hit New Orleans and knocked out both electricity and Internet access, postings in the blog slacked off a bit and all other work on the site that Og and SWWBO contribute to became much more difficult to produce. Sog was able to repair a major issue in the News Service from his hide out in Latin America where Buck cheered on the effort and continued his work on either personal flight or becoming a human cannon ball. Vegee and the Yoda live outside the ring levee system, we hope to hear from them later today, basically they have been missing in action but that is sort of ops normal for those outside the ring levee and pump system. SM (Surfing Muse) was last seen on the beach at Grand Isle waiting for the "big one" hours before the storm's arrival. He probably survived and if he shows up for work soon we'll probably give him his job back just because we haven't had much luck finding a sane person for the Surfing section. So we think all hands are accounted for if not present. We'll let you know if any of the people you've been introduced to so far turn up among the missing.

With the power back up at New Orleans HQ we hope this is our first week day edition where we are back to normal. Unfortunately our experience tells us that storm recovery is sort of a spiral development with some loops back to earlier conditions, when things stop changing daily recovery is complete, or as complete as it will ever be. If you are new to this site and wonder who all these people with the strange sounding names are check out the last few weekend editions , look for the posts titled "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS ANYWAY". Building a site with as comprehensive a mission as this one requires a lot of work besides getting up daily blog posts. In fact the real work of the site is the constant review of maritime/nautical/naval/oceanographic/ Yachting, etc. books , periodicals, videos and links. The real repository of useful information is within the many "special pages". We try to keep the blog posts informative and as entertaining as possible but the real work of the AAIS is in the "special pages". Not every special page changes daily but changes, corrections, and improvements are constant and daily within the special pages. 

 With all of the upheaval that came with the hurricane's passage we definitely fell behind on all fronts. In only a few days Og and Swwbo are off again on a necessary run to Annapolis. Its going to be a road trip. Og has to haul back some gear that is too bulky to fly. Road trips severely limit Og blog time. However, he will report from the road and once in Annapolis facilities are "premo".  This time we are sending Swwbo to ride shot gun so that should limit his time in the Fleet Reserve and Academy Clubs. Our marketing research indicates that we have a significant number of visitors who mostly click on the daily blog postings and visits are highest when the station ID alerts our visitors to important breaking maritime news items.

We deeply appreciate these visitors but we would really like to convince you to spend a little time in our specialty pages, especially when we have Og otherwise engaged and the blog posts are a little slow. We need your continued daily support  if we are ever going to be able to release Og from most of his chores that don't directly involve being both insightful and funny. Trust me I know these things, you can call me "Purse", because unlike Og, Sog, Buck, et al I provide the capital for this circus. I have, if you will "the power of the purse". I'm an old shipmate of Og's and appreciate his wit. Really, we'd like to can it and sell it full time, but first this enterprise has to get up to financial speed. So please , click early, click on us often, and click a lot so that soon I won't have to feed this motley crew out of pocket and they can start to live on their efforts. You won't hear from me often. If you click enough you may never hear from me again and we can all get back to the more amusing musings of the motley crew. 

 Thanks again for your support. Please visit us often. The site is always changing.


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