Saturday, September 29, 2012

 Weekend Station Identification and Test Pattern

Weekend Station Identification and Test Pattern September 29/30, 2012


File:Dock Street Annapolis.JPG

                                                               Looking Towards Dock Street From Ego Alley


READER ASSISTANCE STILL SOUGHT: Of all of our "special pages" none is longer or more technically problematic , than our "NEWS SERVICE". There is a lot of cut and paste going on there, more editorial chores than any other section, and the basic scrolling blog format is just plain inefficient for such a large amount of material that must be changed so frequently.   Right now we need your input. We are nearing the end of the month, it is time to cull headlines and links from our "THE MONTH IN REVIEW SECTION". The news editor has gone through this section and marked certain headlines and their links to the original published stories "long term retention". The stories so marked will be kept posted through at least next month's "MONTH IN REVIEW" because of what the news editor perceives as the likely hood that the stories are in fact on going and that more developments are likely, and that some of our readers may need these early reports for background material. Now we ask you the reader this weekend to take a look the "Month in Review" and send us a comment on any stories that we didn't mark for long term retention that you would like us to so mark and retain. We  started pulling down stories late Friday there is still time this weekend to make a difference. Please send us a comment this weekend on anything that we have not marked for long term retention that you think we should.

We started Saturday with a new post on supporting our position against the continued tenure in Congress of John McCain. At 1120 we posted a second post. Please read all.The National Anthem this morning was performed by:  The Cactus Cuties.  Click on the link below the flag to start the video

American Flag

Click here to start the National Anthem: 


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