Saturday, September 29, 2012

Station Identification and Test Pattern


File:Dock Street Annapolis.JPG

                                                               Looking Towards Dock Street From Ego Alley


READER ASSISTANCE STILL SOUGHT: Of all of our "special pages" none is longer or more technically problematic , than our "NEWS SERVICE". If you are a regular reader of the Headline Service please take some time this weekend to review our "Month in Review Section", and send us a comment on any headlines that you think we should retain indefinitely. Thanks

On Saturday we posted two articles explaining our call for the retirement or removal from office of  Senator John McCain. Today, Sunday, we provide you with two short videos that introduce you to people and jobs he proposes to eliminate, and the vessels he would allow to be run on our waters by foreigners. This is the real Jones Act Fleet that he has called "laughable". This is why despite his war hero status, and long and honorable service we have no choice but to call for his removal. Please read all of our posts and watch the videos. This was a hard decision for us, we are not Democrats. We are mostly Republican and very knowledgeable about the Jones Act Fleets and industries and very concerned when they face enemies as powerful as Senator McCain. We see only one option after his repeated attempts to kill this American enterprise, removal from power. That will require action by the people of Arizona, not a community known for widespread maritime expertise or concerns. 

On the lighter side the Sunday Funnies are posted

.The National Anthem this morning was performed by:  The Cactus Cuties.  Click on the link below the flag to start the video

American Flag

Click here to start the National Anthem: 

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