Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6/25/2013 How Far Will The Dragon Swim



 Yesterday we learned how the dragon obtains oceanographic research vessels, then registers them under foreign flags and sets up bogus corporations for ownership. Then the bogus corporation applies to China for exploration permits among islands that belong to other nations. The ships show up with sonic gear lowered and await the arrival of the Coast Guard of the actual sovereign of the region. When the Coast Guard warns what is thought to be an errant vessel that they need a permit to conduct research in the area they get a radio response asserting that the area is China's and that they have a permit from China. China then cites such incidents to the UN as support for its claim on the islands of its neighbors. Now we learn just how far China will go in asserting legally impossible claims.

 The Ren'ai Reef is part of the Spratly Islands most of which are located well within the 200 mile radius of the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The reef is located approximately 140 miles from one of the Philippine main Islands and about 930 miles from the nearest point of the Chinese mainland. In 1999 an aging Philippine war ship was grounded on the reef and has been housing Philippine marines ever since.The vessel is the Philippines defense against Chinese aggression in an area well within their EEZ. China took the opportunity presented by the recent replenishment operation for the marines to protest what the Dragon calls "the Philippines illegal seizure of China's territory. The Philippine is wise on their part to secure their reef in this way. Watch what happens to the Vietnamese sailors in this video who opposed an invasion by China.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uy2ZrFphSmc . At  Ren'ai Reef there is no doubt that the Chinese could take the old ship and slaughter the Marines, but unlike Vietnam the Philippines has defensive agreements with the United States. So we expect that the Ren'ai Reef situation will continue to be a war of nerves and diplomatic protest.

 China maintains that it will never accept "the Philippines illegal seizure of the Ren'ai Reef, an area which China has indisputable sovereignty" China has about much legal claim to Ren'ai Reef as it has to downtown Manila. Of course we expect that if they ever successfully occupy the Philippine Spratlys they will claim downtown Manila next. It is time for the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, India and other state sin the area to review the lessons of WWII. Appeasement does not work with territoriality aggressive thug states. Chines aggression in these islands must be met with naval force now.

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