Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Back The Bot,  resistance is futile


                                                    Click the Link above to donate or learn more
                                         Robot Clip Art ROBERTO SEZ:  " Folks you did a good thing yesterday and raised nearly $1,000 but unfortunately that's still about $21,000 short  of the $30,000 goal that we should have reached already if everyone who pledged to the original KickStarter drive would respond to the drive. Obviously this week end we failed to make  it a point to click on the Indiegogo links and donate. Lets break that $30,00 mark before this weekend!  Back the Bot!


 Namazu sez: ....And don't forget that contributing to the CoralBot project vastly improves your sex appeal. Click here to read how the CoralBot program can vastly improve your sex appeal:

  Ocean BotsLearn about, and hopefully contribute to the development of these diving robots intended to help repair the world's damaged coral reefs . To learn more about the Coral Bot and its team of developers  or to contact them  click here:   

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