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Dolphin like boats

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Dolphin by Anna Longova 
Editors Note: Story by "Boats" Giovannie, guest blogger. This story builds on a story that first appeared in these pages in July of 2012, and technology that appeared in both of our on line boat shows and facts found in our continuing series "HOW FAR WILL THE DRAGON SWIM", and Namazu's recent article on Sun Tzu and the strategy for the South China Sea. Comments are appreciated and if you are interested in posting something on this subject please send your draft to we do not pay for posts. 

Watch the related videos by clicking on the links below:

I have to agree with the Great Namazu on the wisdom of staying out of the South China Seas with aircraft carrier task forces and other high end naval vessels. The lesson of the BISMARK is definitely that a bunch of cheap ships can gang up on the most sophisticated and deadly war ship and eventually sink it if you don't mind taking some casualties. This is the "Dragon's" formula for the China Seas. Namazu is right in that our big expensive war ships should "shoot fish in a barrel"; by using air craft and satellite imagery to find the PLAN ships, and then use aircraft, some unmanned, and over the horizon weapons to "shoot fish in the barrel." But that doesn't mean that no U.S.forces could enter the China Sea and do ship and boat duels. A Chinese destroyer may be cheap compared to an American aircraft carrier, but the same destroyer is mighty expensive compared to a personal watercraft.

 Right now, today, there are personal watercraft on the market that can maneuver like dolphins and even be made to look like dolphins.
Thy would be very hard to immediately identify as a target, difficult to hit with surface gun fire given their high speed erratic movements that include submerging briefly and "leaping" out of the water, turning on a dime. These little vessels require only one operator and the skill level of a Third Class Boatswain's mate is about all that is required. This is the new answer to the manned torpedo, with greatly enhanced survivability for the operator.

 Picture this; a fast crew boats obtained from the Gulf of Mexico oil patch are pressed into service able to carry 4 to 6 of these on deck.
They dash into the China seas at high speed and dump a "pod of these dolphin look alikes and dash back out to the cover of a real war warship. The pod idles about on the surface until until an enemy surface combattant attracted by the crew boat delivery vessel's radar signature shows up. Once the warship is in visual range the pod starts dolphin like maneuvers and suddenly disperses surrounding the war ship and using their evasive maneuverability to get in close where their possibly one shot per vessel (perhaps a nose mounted mortar) is used to engage the war ship from 360 degrees.
The dolphin "pod" then runs off to the predesignated rally point for pick up. This is not pie in the sky technology working recreational models are on YouTube and this blog has linked to these videos in their two boat shows. I've installed two hyperlinks to videos below.

These are definitely the strangest and most "high performance" personal water craft we've ever seen. These are definitely "personal water craft" priced   in a range that is reachable by a "mass market". Certainly drug lords could own whole fleets. If you are a Coast Guard marine safety professional you'll be concerned about a fleet of these things developing operated by the untrained and with handling characteristics that are hard to believe. If you are a Coast Guard maritime security professional or naval professional you have to ask the questions:

1. Can this be covered with a sonar and radar resistive coating?
2. Can the dolphin like motion be conducted at a more dolphin like  speed until the final run to target?
3. With the cockpit camouflaged better and the speed slowed a bit at what point would a look out be sure he was not looking at a marine mammal?
4. How do you equip it with a real ship, or at least mission killing weapon?

Click on the first hyper-link below and then after you've seen the first video, click on the YouTube return arrow or close the tab and view the next one by clicking on the hyper link here. The personal watercraft, maybe not just for recreation any more?


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