Monday, June 10, 2013

CHANGES AHEAD: 2013-2014

Thank You Readers For Moving Us Ahead In 2012, Now We Will Try To Return The Favor By Improving The Site.

   Thanks to you our readers we have progressed a great deal since the winter of 2011-2012. We have been able to build quite a bit of content , generate some organization around it, and we now seem to have tens of thousands of visitors and growing. We even have a very small revenue stream. It appears that American Admiralty Books and its mission are on a long term track. We continue of course to add content with daily blog posts and the evolution of some unusual "staff writers" like Namazu and Beastie. We are always reviewing books and videos and linking them to you. We are getting better at finding public domain photos and images and illustrating most postings. We are now staring to build a proprietary portfolio of maritime images which we expect to grow constantly. 

 The problem of late is simply the size of the content and the inherent nature of the blog template. The blog is basically a series of scrolls and as content grows the scrolls get longer and finding things becomes more difficult. We are working on a three fold solution.

1. We are trying to do more flash referencing. By this we mean that when we post something that references an earlier post within the blog we are starting to reference the earlier work by a hyperlink you can click on and go straight to the earlier post. This will eliminate having to go look up the date and title in the postings column or the proper section in the special interest pages and then having to scroll down through a bunch of posts to find the referenced one. One mouse click and you'll be looking at the referenced post.

2. We have started a parallel blog American Admiralty Books 2 for large quantities of background and reference material. For example we are presently working on placing the entire prior collection of HOW FAR WILL THE DRAGON SWIM posts in this parallel blog. We also hope to locate everything by Namazu there all arranged on a scroll in day time order. At present if you want to find everything by Namazu you have to scroll all of the old posts and pick him out among all of the other posts that have nothing to do with the great catfish. Pretty much AAB 2 will be invisible to the reader until you link in where upon when finished with the referenced material you should be easily able to click right back into the primary blog.

3.  Even while we are attempting to smooth out the growing content with the parallel AAB 2 we are researching and working on a much more sophisticated web site to move all of the content to. But we are moving on a deliberate slow bell so that you won't have to endure any obvious learning curve to use the site as it grows. We want to be your portal to the maritime world, the place where every Internet maritime research inquiry starts. Most importantly we want to be simple to use , no special Internet search skills needed. We have to change as readership and content increase, but we intend to do so in an incremental and evolutionary manner.

 Again we thank you for visiting, if you believe in our mission you can support us by clicking on and visiting any of our advertisers that interest you and when you are in the market to purchase a book or video using our Amazon portal helps build our building fund. We are doing everything we can to avoid making this a members only site or setting up any kind of toll booth for the information here. 

 Again thank you for visiting, come back often.

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