Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fishing Interests 6/15/2013


 Winner of the American Admiralty Books Award For Best Small Charter Boat Business Slogan

Capt. Leon Somers runs a small sport fishing guide and charter service in Ponce, Florida.  I believe that's him holding up the red snapper in the top picture which is an image capture from his g circles site : 

I try to keep up  a running correspondence with nearly 300 dedicated sports fishermen through my own g circles site, quite a number are connected to a sports fishing business of one sort or another, and if I have a chance I like to plug their businesses in the AAB blogosphere. Capt Leon moved to the head of the free plug line this week when I read this caption under one of the many successful fishing trip images associated with his site:

"If your arm hurt a little at the end of the day you know you're fishing with Captain Leon"

 That's it folks, really what Madison Avenue advertising professional could possibly come up with a better slogan for a fishing service? Frankly it does appear that Capt. Leon can deliver the goods. So if a trip to Ponce is in your future be sure to book a fishing trip with Capt. Leon. Visit his g circle site at : 


Capt. Leon , professional fisherman and master marketing man!  This weeks free plug winner!

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