Sunday, June 9, 2013


Radio Controlled Boat
Radio Controlled Boat by Darren Lewis

 Wow here was a really unexpected new wrinkle to me on fishing; fishing by using radio controlled model boats. I was first tuned into the idea via a link to someone through my g circle  Phil Gribble @  He had a fantastic video of catching pan fish with a remote radio controlled model boat. He demonstrated that that these little radio controlled models could both troll lures and and position bait. In one instance he had the fishing line which was deployed by the remote controlled boat rigged to pop free of the boat and he reeled the fish in on a rod and reel. In another instance he demonstrated that the RC boat could also tow the pan fish to him. I really got curious and started searching the internet. Soon I discovered that people routinely caught trout and bass with these remote controlled model boats and again both transferred the landing operation to rod and reels but in some cases actually towed these larger fish into the fisherman. I am now tracking down a video rumored to show one these little remote controlled boats at least setting the hook on a tuna, I believe this would have been a transfer to rod and reel landing. This is a whole new dimension to fishing. YouTube has a bunch of videos on this unique fishing technique and and there is a site called WWW.RCFISHING WORLD .COM. to watch the free YouTube action click here:  We will be building links to information on this unique fishing technique both in our fishing section and our model boat building section.

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