Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 And Now A Few Words From  The Great Namazu, The Earth Shaker. 

Click here to donate:  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/restoring-coral-reefs-with-robots
   Very Few Words Bipeds 
Namazu, Giant Japanese Catfish and former Demigod                  The fund drive over the week end was very disappointing. We now have to raise about $5,000 a day to reach the first funding goal. So far dear gentle biped readers you have been most kind in accepting my reports and opinions and I would hope that some trust has evolved around me. That is why I'm so very disappointed in your response to my "Back The Bot" fund raising drive.  We have explained in our most honorable and reliable blogosphere that this project is vital, needed, scientifically sound, and of political necessity at the moment, must be funded by public donations or it will be left undone. Yet we have not made our goal. Please reconsider any of the following:

  The Bot is sexy and backing it will make you more sexy. Really, twice we tried to give you precise instructions on how to use your bot contributions to improve your sex appeal. Could there be a anything more motivational to a biped than improving his or her sex appeal? Just in case you missed that all important blog we re-post the link here: "Namazu sez: ....And don't forget that contributing to the CoralBot project 
http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/restoring-coral-reefs-with-robots vastly improves your sex appeal. Click here to read how the CoralBot program can vastly improve your sex appeal:"

The Bot is backed by the best people and famous personalities:  I personally back the bot. Johnas Presbyter ancient mariner and editor in chief of this publication backs the bot.
Photo  Jeri Ryan backs the bot: Really, check it out at:

On the other hand : ugly weird strange funny people girls men world pictures black images pics humor photos 1 Another Round of Most Ugly People In The World [18 Photos] This woman did not back the bot....we think that you get our drift. It not too late to upgrade your associations back the bot today!


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