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China Preps Military For 'Short, Sharp War' With Japan, US Navy Analyst Fox News, China Exercising War Plan

Editor's Note 11/10/2016 China still keeps its naval war plan at the ready. The Philippines recently denounced its long relationship with the US and cut some sort of deal with China, they may have buyer's remorse with Obama leaving office and Hillary Clinton not coming in. Meanwhile China keeps its mailed fist inside its velvet glove. Everyone can see the velvet glove and knows perfectly well what's in it, but presumes the glove will be removed before anyone is struck. Stinking thinking, China will strike when the Dragon wants to and there will be no warning. Power is all that the Dragon craves and respects. 

We have been aware through foreign media that China has a formal war plan for a war against Japan, we were unaware of other details. Now that the Chinese Navy /Marine Corps is rehearsing and drilling elements of the plan it is becoming more obvious that the intent of the plan is an invasion of southernmost Japan in order to forcefully take Japan's Senkaku Islands, uninhabited small islets and rocks that, based on the 1950 treaty between the United States and Japan, are Japan's southernmost territory. Except for a brief period after Japan's defeat in WWII the Islands have been ruled by Japan since 1865. Prior to 1865 the historical consensus is that the islands were "Tera Nullis" or basically undiscovered in any formal sense. There has never been effective settlement of the islands generally too small and lacking in fresh water sources for human habitation. Japan since 1950 has administered the islands peacefully as a regulated commercial fishing zone. Then oil was discovered in the seabed near the islands a few years ago and China now demands the islands. China has absolutely no sustainable legal claim to these islands under international law, and no historical claim that could possibly defeat the history of effective administration by Japan since 1865, and especially since 1950.

 Of utmost importance is the fact that Japan held the islands without objection from China when the United Nations Law of The Sea Conference penned the United Nations Law of The Sea Convention, an international multilateral treaty known as "UNCLOS" which is now the virtual international constitution on the law of the sea. The now "disputed islands" were duly considered in the drawing up and formalizing of Japan's internationally recognized territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). If China were to gain legally recognized control of the islands, oil bearing portions of Japan's EEZ would be transferred to the Dragon. Taking the islands without international legal sanction would make the permitting of oil drilling in the Japanese EEZ by international drilling contractors pretty near impossible. So China is suing in UN Tribunals and has so far attempted to use its Coast Guard forces and commercial fishing fleets to invade Japan's EEZ in an attempt to make a bogus case of "effective administration. The tension this creates makes it difficult for Japan to attract international drilling contractors to an area that might break out in a naval shooting war at any moment. It could be that both the Chinese war plan and the recent exercises of elements of the plan are nothing more than a stage show to lend credibility to the rumors of impending war that keeps Japan unable to routinely process drilling permits. Regardless, this behavior is unworthy of a great nation. The Dragon is in the hands of thugs and remains a thug state as long as this behavior continues. The United States, Japan, the Philippines, Australia and others must always be prepared that the Dragon may have a damaged brain and might actually be considering really attempting a seizure of Japanese territory. 

  We have previously published our analysis of why such a war would result in the ruin of the Chinese economy without the U.S. or Japan firing a shot in return. We also have published our analysis before of why China would militarily lose the war in weeks and how the existing Communist leadership would be blamed for ruinous foreign military adventurism and end up hanging from lamp posts throughout China. Unfortunately the Communist leaders are thugs, behave like thugs, make thug mistakes. The U.S. and Japan must be prepared for this war whether eventually triggered out of the thug leadership's malice and forethought ,or the inevitable accident that will occur if they keep up this game of pressure long enough. Our purpose today is to simply take note that at least the FOX network portion of the main stream media has taken note of the Chinese exercise of their war plan against Japan. Of course, finally getting main stream U.S. media attention may the major reason for the leaking of the war plan and the impossible to hide rehearsal. The Dragon maybe  trying to built an anti war movement in the U.S. in advance. The Dragon underestimates the feelings of the U.S. populace towards Japan. There will be about as much popular support for defending Japan as there would be for defending England. Regardless, we thought that we'd link you to this latest main stream feature on the Dragon's aggression against Japan. Click here to read all about it:

Fox News, China Exercising War Plan



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