Sunday, February 9, 2014


Iran Sends Warships
EDITORIAL NOTE 7/27/2014:  Iran cancelled this operation, Mechanical  ISSUES:  United states Task force in the persian gulf

THE U.S. bound iranian "task force" consist of one supply vessel and one destroyer.....and a bunch of teenagersFile:US Navy 100820-N-6003P-637 Eight mariners board the Iranian navy ship Chiroo from a rigid-hull inflatable boat from the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75).jpg              File:Iranian Alvand class frigat.JPEG
U.S. Navy Photos of an Iranian Navy Supply vessel  and a Destroyer or Frigate.


 We published the news recently that an iranian naval "task force" was headed for the atlantic. now iran says they intend to loiter near the u.s. coast line. we suppose this is supposed to be a form of intimidation, a sort of message that they can reach the united states. let's put it in perspective. the task force is exactly two ships a large supply vessel and a destroyer. we bet that they not only loiter outside our eez but probably will enter and toE dance on the line separating our territorial waters. we wouldn't be SURPRISED if they unlawfully entered our territorial sea or did it under dubious but barely excusable circumstances. and of course they will make much of not eliciting a response. 

 they of course won't tell their people why the u.s. didn't respond. first we respect freedom of the seas, if iran wants to transit anywhere other than our 12 mile territorial sea as long as they show their flag and don't lay mines or any other violation of innocent passage we believe they are within their legal rights.  it is they who don't respect this right by others through their own non territorial customs and economic exclusive zones.  even if they really push the envelope our naval intelligence system will know exactly what they are doing at all times.  we know that theY came carrying a full cargo of naval cadets or midshipmen.  that's right folks the "fearsome" iranian navy is coming hiding behind children.  they would love for the u.s. to sink their ships and then claim that we "murdered young students". 

  well, that ain't going to happen, but they won't be able to hide from the mothers and fathers of these naval academy students how little the present powers in iran value the lives of their youth.   If the United states had astute leadership (it doesn't), this little stage show would be our propaganda coup of the decade.  IRAN, What a strutting pea brained peacock THEIR SO CALLED "GOVERNMENT" IS !


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