Monday, February 24, 2014


Chinese Ships In Disputed Waters, According to Japanese Coast Guard

 Photo by Japanese Coast Guard depicts Chinese Coast Guard transit within the territorial waters  (12 miles from shore or less) of Japan. 

A week ago SundayThree Chinese Coast Guard ships sailed through disputed waters off Tokyo-controlled islands in the East China Sea Sunday, the latest such incident in a bitter territorial row between the Asian giants..China doesn't admit to the transgression but rather brags about it:

      "China's State Oceanic Administration said on its website: "On February 23rd, China's coastguard ships 2151, 2113 and 2102 patrolled together into territorial waters surrounding China's Diaoyu islands".

The so called Diayou Islands are one and the same as Japan's Senkakus. Under the name "Senkakus" these islands have been administered by Japan since 1865. The islands have no history of Chinese administration or even of Chinese interest until oil was discovered in nearby waters in recent years. The Islands are specifically mentioned in the 1950 defense  treaty between the United States and Japan as part of Japan which the United States is obligated to defend against attack. We don't report every incident of Chinese incursions into Japan's southernmost waters simply because they are too numerous to be considered news worthy individually. Yet the American main stream media hadrly accords any notice at all of China's dangerous incursions. We bring up this latest episode simply as an illustration of the type of behavior that China engages in as the Dragon pushes Japan towards war.

 Tomorrow we'll start to take another look at China's potential war with Japan, and by virtue of our defense treaty with Japan, the United States. 


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