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Kerry Calls Climate Change 'Weapon of Mass Destruction' liar liar

Editorial Note: 1/22/2015 John Kerry left Indonesia some time after this was published but he continues to carry the message around the world at every opportunity. Why? Again we suggest "follow the money" don't expect us to do it we are just humble book merchants, not investigative journalists. Yes, we understand that Obama and his minions enjoy a free pass from the liberal media but there are more conservatives periodicals out there and there is talk radio and Fox news. Lobby these conservative journalistic elements to investigate the profit motive in the climate gloom and doom movement leaders.

 Indonesia hold on to your wallets. Here in America we wouldn't buy a used car from this man. 

"(Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned Indonesians on Sunday that man-made climate change could threaten their entire way of life, deriding those who doubted the existence of "perhaps the world's most fearsome weapon of mass destruction".
Kerry described those who do not accept that human activity causes global warming as "shoddy scientists" and "extreme ideologues", and said big companies and special interests should not be allowed to "hijack" the climate debate." (emphasis ours). To read the complete story click here: KERRY IN INDONESIA
Secretary Kerry's Address in Indonesia was met with posted comments such as this:
"Didn't the global warming crowd and the ship they were on just get stuck in the ice in the Antarctic, due in part because the ice cap has increased by 30% or 550.000 square miles. After two other ships got stuck trying to rescue them it took a helicopter to get them out. Not a peep out of them or on the Lame Stream Media after that. Kerry is so full of ****, if he ever took an Ex-Lax he'd just disappear."  To read all of the comments posted on the site where we learned of his speech in Indonesia Click here: What a Crock and scroll down past the Reuters account of the speech. 


We have never had any faith in either Al Gore of John Kerry on any issue , and most especially on climate change. As Namazu and Vic  pointed out on numerous occasions the climate emphatically is not warming. Since the 1950s the annual overall planetary temperature warmed or cooled by a fraction of a single degree achieving after about 18 years an actual measurable average rise of global temperature of a fraction of a single degree. Then it began cooling again and recently reached the point where the multi year average has taken the global temperature downward to where the net result measured back to the 1950s is just about NO CHANGE.  As Namazu pointed out when reporting the polar ice coverage of late, even Al Gore can't refute the official measurements, the ice cover is increasing, the global air temperature average is actually decreasing by a tiny amount at the moment. As noted by both Namazu and Vic in various articles for the NAMAZU SCHOOL OF CLIMATOLOGY.  Al Gore , John Kerry, President Obama and other proponents of "Global Warming" in the last two years have stopped using that term and now use "Climate Change". Obviously you don't want to use the term "global warming", if someone in the audience is likely to confront you with the facts. So why is Kerry warning Indonesia about global warming when it just plain isn't happening.

 Ah, there in is the beauty of "Climate Change", you can speak out of both sides of the mouth. Indonesia, consisting largely of low lying land near the sea would be most threatened by warming and rising sea levels. Of course the climate isn't warming and the sea isn't rising at the moment but the truth doesn't matter when you have snake oil to sell. John Kerry wants Indonesia to buy into the idea that climate change is happening at an alarming rate and that industrial and transportation activity is the reason why. These U.S. politicians and their international sponsors have a bill of goods to sell the world and they need you to be frightened and in a mood for governments to take drastic action. We are not "Big Oil", nor are we a big corporation, but like many of our neighbors we find these climatic alarmest statements by these particular politicians suspect. 

 Ask your self this. If John Kerry thinks that those who oppose his opinion "should not be allowed to hijack the debate" isn't he really telling us to sit down and shut up?
Here in the U.S. we feel its a bit scary when officials of the government openly advocate the silencing of anyone who opposes their view. Doesn't his entire speech simply amount to an exhortation to ignore all facts and opposing opinion and adopt his view without debate? If he is so desperate to silence all opposition don't we have to ask why? Doesn't that alone make his opinion suspect?  Unfortunately we are not an investigative journalistic organization but we would suggest to those who are, to follow the money, the mother's milk of politics. 

 Behind this illogical political ploy we bet a through investigation will find some unsavory financial imperatives on both sides. However we do have a lot of access and understanding of weather and climatology and we know that the Al Gore School is using inaccurate, and obsolete "facts" to fuel their arguments that are now tailor made for different audiences with the climate warming where warming would cause harm, and cooling where colder temperatures will cause environmental damage. As Namazu says "climates change, that's what they do" but nothing in the various cycles of the last hundred years where we have had reasonable weather data available indicate either a coming subtropical expansion, or a new Ice age..

 On behalf of the normal sane people in the United States we wish to apologize to Indonesia and any other nation that our village idiots visit claiming to be governing us. The truth is that Al Gore and John Kerry can't visit but about ten of our 50 states with any real expectation of drawing a sympathetic audience. Our constitution simply doesn't provide for a vote of no confidence and a call for new elections so we will have at least another 4 to 6 years of divided government and some high visibility by our most prominent and least intelligent people. But just because we' re stuck with them doesn't mean that our friends overseas have to tolerate them. Do what the majority of people in 40 U.S. States do...ignore them. 

 We asked the Great Namazu if he wished to reply but at the mention of John Kerry's Name he simply gave us the "raspberry", really look at his expression:

People of Indonesia send the bozo back to Washington. Just don't send him here to Louisiana our winter quarters, this low lying near tropical area by the sea with so much to lose if there was any truth in the Al Gore / John Kerry School of Climate change can't stand John Kerry and the Swift boat he rode in on. Again we are acutely embarrassed by the alarmist, and untrue statements that he issues with such grace and aplomb.  


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