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(Photo U.S. Army). Notice these elements in the above photo of a U.S. Army truck convoy on an exercise in the Continental United States.  Traps cover much of the cargo both offering weather protection  and some protection from prying eyes. There are no guards or mounted weapons visible outside of the truck cabs. The trucks proceed in a neat line along the right hand "slow lane " at a sedate speed. Compare this to the Russian convoy in the linked YouTube "dashcam" video. They look very similar but is their purpose the same, a mere "drill? We don't think so.

On Tuesday we published our first report of the Russian "invasion"of the Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and how it was simply the re-enforcement of the 26,000 Russian troops already in the Crimea occupying naval bases ( some legally) and maritime installations, (most illegally) by sea. The transports carrying additional and special forces type troops and are quietly arriving at an already held (by treaty) Russian base. Yesterday we read the news of major Russian military exercises in the regions of Russia adjacent to the Ukraine. Of course according to Russian military spokesmen these are just exercises not focused on any particular goal or objective. Naturally, exercises on a large scale might well involve the movements of large amounts of military material and personnel by any means of transport and it would not be illogical for some of that transport to occur in an immediate adjacent nation where the exercising force has bases.Well, that all sounds logical and its the Bear's official position. But frankly we don't believe the Bear and we believe that those ships are simply quietly and without opposition invading the Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula. 

 The ships are no longer alone. Truck convoys are coming across the border. There don't seem to be any media questions about that at the moment and if the main stream media were to report on these movements we already know the Russian response will be that its all part of a large exercise planned before the recent troubles. Below is a link to a YouTube published "dashcam" video taken on the road several miles from NOVOROSSIYSK near the village of Gaiduk. There is no narration and the written commentary underneath has not been translated. However, we are convinced that the video depicts a Russian military motor convoy proceeding deeper into Ukraine territory peacefully motoring along in the slow lane being overtaken by civilian cars. Despite Russian reassurances, we believe that Russia is preparing for the partition of the Ukraine along lines favorable to Moscow's long range plans for the Black Sea region, none of which will ever be good for the rest of the nations ringing the Black Sea. Here is the link, you can decide for your self what it means:


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