Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Arctic Shipping Remains A Distant Dream For Now, Canadian Transport Minister Says

The Honourable Lisa Raitt The Hon.Lisa Raitt, Canadian Minister of Transportation

Geez, not only are Canadian cabinet officers way better looking than the current crop in the White House but apparently they are capable of actual intelligent thought. Ms (Mrs. for the politically incorrect) Raitt recently delivered an address on shipping above 60 degrees north that would have done Namazu or Johnas Presbyter proud.  According to her official web site she is no stranger to matters marine having served as President of the Toronto Port Authority and prior to her ascension to President served as Harbor Master and Chief Counsel for the same port authority. Just as Namazu (our lead maritime analyst, and former Japanese giant catfish demigod)  predicted a few months ago; during a speech in Washington on Tuesday, she told the audience that climate change driven expectations of an Arctic shipping boom won't be materializing any time soon. Recently observed spikes in shipping of late have been mostly south to north supply runs to existing communities and industrial activities. She correctly pointed out the distinct lack of enthusiasm for the route by shipping insurance companies.  She also pointed out that shipping insurance companies have more to say about route selections by ship owners that any national government. Mean while  National governments including the U.S. are squabbling over who will manage such a route. As the lady said "its baby steps for now". The Transport Minister also said that her organization has cut off contact with their usual Russian counter parts due to developments in the Ukraine. The complete story was carried in the LETHBRIDGE HERALD

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