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   Navy Investigation Reveals Mayo Was A Hero Who Literally Gave His Life To Save His Ship Mate And In Providing A Delay To The Intentions And Further Movement Aboard The USS MAHAN  Probably Saved Other Lives As Well.

Slain sailor's actions 'nothing less than heroic' Petty Officer Mark A. Mayo Lost His Life Stopping The Gunman On Board The USS MAHAN (Photo U.S. Navy)

 Jeffery Tyrone Savage age 35 got onto the Navy Base as a Truck Driver in valid possession of A TWIC (Transportation Worker's Identification Card). Such a card is supposed to mean that the worker has been vetted by a background investigation and is considered not to be a risk to waterfront facilities and able to proceed into a facility without escort. However at the Naval Station the TWIC alone would not have been enough to gain access, it must be checked with other forms of ID, but of course since it was a valid TWIC, Savage would have had a valid drivers license and possibly manifests indicating a cargo that was legitimately supposed to be delivered to the base. The Navy has not yet revealed exactly how Savage got on base. However it is now known that he had previous felony convictions involving violent offenses. No motive is know yet, Savage did not enter the base with a weapon but physically forced the pistol he used away from a woman sailor standing gangway watch. Petty Officer Mark A Mayo who was apparently unarmed passed the alarm and jumped into the fight getting between the gunman and the quarter deck watch stander who had been knocked to the deck. Mayo was shot by Savage, but before he could get off another round other armed sailors had made it to the quarter deck and shot Savage dead. The investigation continues. 

 Petty Officer Mark A. Mayo has earned a place in U.S. Naval history for his pitched and unarmed defense of his ship mate and his ship. He gave the last full measure of devotion to duty and it was not in vain, Jeffery Tyrone Savage, convicted felon did not get any farther aboard than the quarter deck at the top of the gangway. Savage attempted to force his way aboard a U.S. Navy ship with deadly force. He was opposed and killed by American sailors.
The loss of Petty Officer Mayo was tragic but let history record that his sacrifice was the key element in the victory on the quarter deck. Opposing an armed boarder inside a U.S. state side naval base is not a normal combat operation but when something like that happens the ship must be defended. It was, bravely and successfully. Petty Officer Mayo is not a victim , he is a victor.

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