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We've mentioned the CIA's World fact book in passing in a number of blogs over the last two years and we've utilized a number of the books facts, illustrations, and maps in that same time frame. Unfortunately most people around the world and particularly Americans don't think of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency as a provider of public services. If fact the CIA prepares quite a bit of work product for the use of business and ordinary people, particularly travelers. 

 The CIA'S WORLD FACTBOOK "provides information on the history,people,government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities."

The publication is available on line at
and provides reference tabs which include maps of major world regions, , flags of the world, A physical map of the world, a political map of the world, a world oceans map, and standard time zones of the world. 

We thought that we'd bring you this reminder and link to this very valuable resource. Bloggers and students preparing papers with strong geographic content should find the CIA'S WORLD FACTBOOK particularly useful since not only is it encyclopedic in content but it contains many maps and illustrations, all of which are in the public domain and may be used without attribution. We will be expanding the number of places where we provide links to this generalist publication throughout this website, starting with the Cartography subsection in our NAVIGATION PAGE.

The CARTOGRAPHY subsection is worth mentioning again for anyone preparing papers involving maps or navigation charts. We established Cartography as a subsection within the NAVIGATION special interest page some time ago because of a shortage of available special interest pages and the historic relationship between navigation and cartography. When you enter NAVIGATION by clicking on the special interest page listing by that name in the column to your right as you enter at the home page scroll down through the navigational features and you will reach another major section titled CARTOGRAPHY. You will find many useful links there as well as some book suggestions, links to cartographic services, etc. We will be putting the link to the CIA's WORLD FACT BOOK there as well as associating it more closely with our BIG LINKS LOCKER which can be reached from the HOME page. 

 If you are a student, analyst, lawyer, journalist or anyone with a reoccurring need to prepare papers with a maritime or geographic theme we urge you to spend a little time studying our Home page and visiting the linked sections described there and visiting our special interest pages. Keep in mind that this sight is so large and still growing that a single blog space as typically available from google can't support all of the content. So there are two parallel but mostly invisible blog spaces developing along with this site. There is far more to this site than just the daily blog posts and special interest pages listed. The growing additional special features are linked via the HOME page, INTRODUCTION, and SITE GUIDE AND INDEX pages. Also within some of the special interest pages some of these parallel feature are linked. The site becomes more comprehensive every day. If you like to visit periodically to read the blog posts but don't find anything new of interest on a particular day we invite you to just explore the far corners of the site, particularly if you are in an occupation where you may have to produce papers with maritime or geographic components.

 While we have your attention we'd also like to remind you that the service is free thanks to free space and dashboard service form Google and the staff is supported solely by revenues from sales of books and water sports equipment from So please if you need to purchase a book try to use one of our links, if we haven't reviewed it you may simply click into Amazon from any of our book cover icons and do a title or author search and we still earn advertising revenues when you originally enter from one of our links. Another way to find books that we haven't reviewed yet is to go to our AMERICAN ADMIRALTY SHOPPING MALL where we display books that align with our various special interests pages and also provide general links into Amazon. We especially appreciate your patronage of the AMERICAN ADMIRALTY SHOPPING MALL for water sports and fishing equipment. If you are considering an on line purchase of diving gear, fishing equipment, surfing gear, sun glasses please consider entering Amazon through our mall. By shopping the mall you not only help support the work of American Admiralty Books but also help keep the reference sections relatively free of advertising. 

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Johnas Presbyter, Editor

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