Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Splendid Little War Anyone?"

"OF COURSE CHINA IS PLANNING FOR A SHORT SHARP WAR". The Diplomat picks up on a line of thought  first articulated by Capt. Jim Fanell, USN.

China military modernization
Graph by Congressional Research Service

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Some weeks ago we introduced our readers to Capt. Jim Fanell, USN the leading intelligence officer for the U.S. Pacific fleet and author of "RED STAR RISING".  The wise Captain has been warning the U.S.Navy and the readers of Stanford University's Hoover Institution's papers for years that China intends to take what it wants from Japan by force. To which we add "ditto for the Philippines, Vietnam, and anyone else in the way." Recently we came across an article in the Diplomat which takes up Capt. Fanell's thoughts and notes "why should anyone be surprised." This article notes that making war plans is what armed forces do, the mere possession of a war plan does not reveal an intent to use it. But the Diplomat does venture a guess on what would signal the use of China's plan. We read it and we agree. But if we reveal this item of information here you might not read the article and that might make the Diplomat feel, well undiplomatic towards us since the whole point in not complaining about our getting so much ink out of their copyrighted material is to encourage our readers to read their copyrighted material. So please click on any of the Diplomat  links in this text and read first hand what they have to say.-Johnas Presbyter, Editor


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