Wednesday, March 26, 2014


            Ukraine's Spy Dolphins Switch Allegiance to Russia 

Are The Ukraine's Spy Dolphins Changing Sides or Going Home ?

According to a story carried in the TELEGRAPH a special warfare group of Dolphins and their handlers  have switched allegiance to the Russian side. According to the story in the telegraph the dolphins were trained to plant mines, detect and mark underwater obstructions, and attack enemy frogmen. The Ukraine naval establishment hasn't been fairing well since the Russian invasion. Only ten vessels remain in the Ukraine Navy, fifty one have crossed over to Russia. The Dolphin unit is probably the most unusual military unit that Russia has acquired in the invasion. However since Russia started the program back in the bad old Soviet Union days the trainers probably spoke Russian and the Dolphins were accustomed to Russian training commands. We doubt that the Bear had to break the door to the training compound down and waive guns about to get the trainers and the dolphins to go along. To read the full story click on: THE TELEGRAPH


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