Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Crimean Forces Take Ukrainian Navy Head Quarters

File:Flag of Ukraine.svg The Ukraine has lost the Crimea and the Russian Speaking Half is on Putin's chopping block.  The West will do nothing of consequence and pay a much bigger price later.

Unarmed Crimea self defense forces, with Russian forces looking on from outside the gates entered the Ukrainian navy headquarters today (Wednesday March 19,2014) and raised the Russian flag. Ukrainian navy personnel offered no resistance and were packing up to leave as the flag raising occurred. Following the recent referendum in which the Crimeans voted  overwhelmingly to separate from Ukraine and join Russia , Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a treaty to incorporate Crimea into the national territory of Russia. The treaty has yet to be approved by the Russian Parliament though the Russian constitutional court has ruled the treaty constitutionally valid. No real problem is anticipated relative to parliamentary passage. However since the treaty is technically "tentative" awaiting the action of the Russian legislative body, Crimean uniformed forces conducted the take over with Russian forces staying out side, despite the fact that it was the Russian flag that was raised. The annexation has stirred jubilant crowds in Moscow and bitter protest in Kiev. The United States and Europe have called for sanctions against Russia but with Russia being the natural gas supplier for Europe and the Obama administration still refusing to sign the permits to allow the back engineering of our liquefied natural gas import facilities into export facilities, the new glut of U.S. natural gas can not be used to service Europe's needs and benefit our balance of payments. The gas will continue to flow to Europe and cash to Russia while we sit on the resources that would allow us to apply seriously painful sanctions on Russia for aggressively taking territory. The United States is also totally dependent on Russia for delivering our astronauts to and from the International Space Station since we did not fund a shuttle replacement. It is as if we have given the Bear hostages. The United States now has the proven oil and gas reserves to be the number one energy exporting nation. If our government would stop obstructing development and export we could correct our balance of payments retire much of our debt and fund our armed forces resuming leadership in a world where the thug states are now acting unchecked. Don't look for the turn around to happen as long as Democrats control even one house of Congress and especially as long as Democrats are in the White House. Nor are the Republicans the cure. Once in power their record indicates spending just as reckless as the democrats , just on different priorities. America must break the two party serial misrule grip on its government.


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